Do you want to get the perfect and fresh-looking manicure? Are you looking for the best nail art designs trending this year? Then you must check out these nail art trends. When we all are getting bored with the classic red and hot pink, these are some of the adventurous designs you can go for this season. Whether you are looking for a subtle chic design or a bold and blasting design, these designs would definitely make go awestruck with their one single.

We all know how boring it can be sometimes, to have those boring plain nails. That is why we are bringing you these stylish and elegant nail trends for every here and there. Have a look at these nail art designs and get yours done quickly.

Statement Nails to Ace everywhere you go

These are some of the nail art designs, you can check out these below-mentioned nail trends for inspiration.

Abstract Manicure

These nails are perfect for every season and have that subtle abstract and aesthetic look. You can definitely ace those nails very beautifully. Also, these abstract nails can be done with vibrant and bold colors, and pastel and subtle colors as well. You can also definitely choose contrasting colors as well for designing these beautiful and perfect abstract nails. Moreover, you can create various designs with the help of similar and different shades of nail enamels. Likewise, you can create an elaborated design with this abstract theme.

Gingham Manicure

These Gingham nails are everywhere nowadays. And we believe that it has no chance of slowing, this is because of the pace at which it is growing day by day. Give your dress’s print on your nails with this trend and stand out from every you know. This trend is also giving some manicure goals to the people who are looking to try something new and just to inform, get your gingham manicure done as soon you want because the crowd has started jumping on this trend quite recently. Also, this nail trend is perfect for those who want the minimal look to their outer look.

Animal Print Manicure

Animal print is in a trend for ages and it is a never-ending trend. Some day when it starts slowing down, any celebrity makes it go trending. It is an all-time favorite of some celebrities and also is the favorite of many people who want to try something cliché on their nails. You can definitely go for nail art such as cheetah print or leopard print and the latest and the hottest one is cow print. This cow print is the famous nail art trend of Ariana Grande. These animal prints are just so good that we cannot get enough of them.

Color Blocking Manicure

If you want to give your nails a new life with the tint of colors, then this color-blocking manicure trend is perfect for your nails. You can go for contrasting colors or similar colors; the choice is absolutely yours. Also, this can be done as the French Manicure or double French manicure. Also, you can add this to an outfit to get that chic and sophisticated vibe. Moreover, to add that pop-out color to any kind of outfit.

Coffin Metallic Manicure

Metallic Nails are getting more and more popular in these recent times. These nails are appearing all over Hollywood and many celebs are loving these nails. This is due to the fact that it creates a hot chic women’s vibe with the colors popping out. And to be precise you must go for coffin-shaped nails for a more vibrant and stylish look. And if you have longer nails, that is even better. You can get a precious metallic look right away in your next manicure.


If you are one of those people who want to get your nails done by checking on the trends, then you can select any of these nail trends. You can get these looks by your next manicure appointment or if you have a little knowledge about DIY Nail Art, you can ace these looks. Moreover, when it comes to mastering an all-over look, you must go on with the latest trending manicures. This will definitely make your look better than ever, and you will ace that event as well.

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