Rainbow reminds us of all the beautiful colors in the world. ‘VIBGYOR’ as we term it, the rainbow colors are made of Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and, red. Dressing up in streamlined colors is a thing of the past when stereotypes were rolling in all the time. But now it’s all about picking unique colors from the color palette. No one would have ever thought that clubbing all these colors together would actually bring out one mind-blowing outfit.

The rainbow fashion trend is the existence of all the rainbow colors in an outfit either in the form of stripes shirts or Technicolor skirts. As the saying goes, ‘You got it? You flaunt it!’ So if you have a closer look at this particular trend, you’ll know that there is no other way to brighten up your look than this one. We’ve picked the best out of the lot and listed some combinations from the rainbow trend that you can flaunt on your next outing-


It’s just your regular cardigan with a dash of bright colors to oomph up your look for the day! You can pick a rainbow cardigan in vertical or horizontal stripes. You can even pick one in splashy colors because that looks really cool too. Since cardigan is an overlayer article, pair it up with any solid eye-catching color straight dress or t-shirt. There are a lot of options when it comes to styling a colorful piece. With a rainbow cardigan, you could pick your boyfriend jeans too and wear statement sneakers for a casual chic look. This one will brighten up your day as well the one looking at you!


There’s no hard and fast rule to wear a pantsuit for your workplace alone. You can always pick your formals in bright colors and wear them for any casual outing or lunch/brunch scenes. With any colorful pantsuit, you can team this rainbow t-shirt and get going for work or lunch date. Dressing boring is never an option; whether it is at work or for fun. Since the tee has all the colors, the choice of pantsuit is at your discrete. It can be a bright red or electric blue color for the perfect fall weather. Team up with classic pumps for a polished attire.


The rainbow trend has made its way to skirts as well. Colorful skirts have always been an attractive option for outings and emit a very cute vibe. They are perfect for an evening ensemble too. So if you’re tired of wearing the same old boring skirts, then refresh your wardrobe and pick this multi-colored skirt piece. You can pair it with a satin or silk blouse for a night party with classic jewelry. For a more casual outing, pair it up with a tank top and minimal jewelry. This pick is sure to grab everyone’s attention because of the elegance and chic vibe together.


There is no way that sneakers could not be on this list. When it comes to shoes, the list is unlimited. There is no particular sense of fashion and style that you must pick. Everything looks great when it is paired with the right outfit. So you can have all the shoes in the world and still not be satisfied. Sneakers are a big trend and may never go out of fashion. Rainbow sneakers are as cool as any other accessory so they are a must pick. They add so much coolness to your personality and are always the best option for casual outings. Pair them with anything from skinny jeans to shorts to dresses.


When freezing cold arrives and it’s time to let out those puffer jackets, you should refresh your wardrobe and pick a colorful jacket. A fancy bomber jacket in colorful stripes or spelled words all over is a really good option. Jackets are mainly worn in plain colors but there is no harm in picking splashy ones. Since jackets ate over-layers, they can be paired with all your trousers and denim. Flaunt this colorful jacket easily for your weekend getaway and slay this look!

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