Belts are one of the most essential accessories in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s like a love-hate relationship. For boys, they are an everyday staple but for girls, they are used and styled as and when required. The power of a belt to transform any outfit is underestimated but it can do wonders. This accessory is very hard working 😉 Apart from adding an oomph factor to your outfit, it also aids in accentuating the curves the right way. Those who are conscious of their chubby bodies can use this accessory to the rescue. It helps not only in giving an illusion of something else but also creates division and definition in the attire.

Here we have listed a few ways as to how you can style belts on your body with different outfits-


The most common way to place your belt and style in a streamlined way is your waist. When you place a belt on your waist, it is not necessary to match it with your shoes anymore. Gone are those days of mainstream fashion. It’s time to do something different especially when you want to create diversity in your outfits. Try mix-matching your clothes with belts in such a way that attention is drawn towards your waist alone. This can be done using a contrast-colored belt or even a thick belt with buckle. This style really cinches your waist.

-always buy a belt that fits you properly. Yes they are free-size but that doesn’t mean you buy a long one. You don’t want the unused ends to hang on your classy outfit and become a turn-off.

-use a sleek belt to pair with your flowy A-line dress or skirt. Point out the most narrow part of your torso and tie the belt there. This will highlight your curves and hide extra flab.

-in winters too, a belt can be conveniently paired with a cardigan. You can make your choice between an embellished belt or a skinny belt for a dressier or casual look.

-during fall and peak winters, a belt can cinch your fluffy jacket which will otherwise make you look chubby. A belt will do its charm on bulky winter clothes.

-at the waist it can be used to break the monotony of an outfit. E.g: any monochrome outfit with a contrast belt.


Yes, it’s a thing to style a belt on the hips. And we don’t mean putting it right on your buttocks. They should be tied slightly below the narrow waistline and above the hips area. Here sleek belts are of no use. Only medium or wide sized belts can highlight the outfit. This is because the hip area is already too much in view and you cannot pinpoint a certain place that you want to highlight. This is done just to create an illusion of longer torso and shorter legs. So it is best for tall girls who want to show compressed legs.

-tie a thick belt on the hip area when you wear a maxi dress. It will add transition to the dress as well as create an isllusion of balanced body features. That is compressed legs for tall girls and longer torso for short women.

-for those baggy jumpers and pullovers too, this trick will work like anything! Now you can wear and slay in boyfriend sweaters and never regret looking fat.

-with flared jeans and a shirt, you can add medium sized buckle-belt to create a boyish look. Tomboy is the new cool and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

-thick belts can also be tied on a short summer dress for a chic casual style.


Everyone knows how to wear a belt on the waist but if you wear it a little above the waist, you have no idea what fancy attire it can create. This style includes tying a belt closer to the ribs just below your chest so that your bust is accentuated. For all those petite girls, this can be your highlight for every outfit. With this pick, you can also succeed in hiding belly fat.

-a high waist belt is usually tight on the body thus creating an illusion of cinched body. It should be stretchy so that it does not block your breathing process. Since this area has no form of support, a belt tends to slip down so you need a fabric that sits in place and is well-equipped in grip.

-with an all-black or monochrome outfit, tie this belt closer to the ribs to create an illusion of longer legs and longer body.

-they also highlight your bust and curves and add volume to your lower body.

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