Bralette is one of the most effortlessly sexy pieces of clothing. It is the next big thing in fashion trending all over from street style to elegant partywear. Bralettes are extremely stylish and sexy and never fail to turn those heads around. You might think bralettes are just a more revised version of a bra and yes that is true, but that doesn’t mean bralettes are meant for innerwear like a bra. Bralettes are more like a crop top with features of a bra but definitely fancier. They are the answer to all your summer outfits when the scorching heat is getting right into your body and you don’t feel like dressing up. They are also a steal in winters when you want to show a little skin beneath that puffer jacket. You can pair these with anything from jackets to sheer transparent tops, trousers, and shorts- bralettes go with everything.

So if you’re new to this concept of bralette styling, we have some handpicked outfits and tips on how you can style a bralette in the most elegant and cool chic way.


One of the coolest ways to wear a bralette is wearing it under a drop shoulder top or sweater in the respective seasons. This style looks super sexy because you can spot that sexy lace bralette peeking out from your top. Super easy and comfortable to carry all day around effortlessly! Such bralettes can be picked in lace styles, satin, and net fabric because the strap will be visible on the shoulder so it should look classy and of posh quality. There is no way this looks vulgar or extra show-off. Bralette with a drop shoulder looks nearly perfect in fall as well as summers.


Transparency is your ultimate thing with bralettes. It never harms to show what you got. Bralettes under a transparent tee or a white shirt look spicy and extraordinary. It’s like you’re wearing a regular sheer top but not with a slip because that would be too streamlined. Instead, you’re wearing it with a bralette because a little edge in the outfit can do wonders. You can pick neon colors for a bold look and subtle colors like black and nudes if you feel shy. Pair with your skinny jeans and sneakers and get going!


Just like high waist jeans are always the best option for any outing, high waist skirts can simply turn that look from drab to fab. Even if you pair anything simple with a statement high-waist skirt, it instantly brightens up the entire look. Imagine what magic a bralette can do! Pick a lace or satin bralette with a high-waist skirt with pumps or stilettos. Throw a stylish piece of necklace around the neck and you’re ready for the night! The advantage of high-waist skirts is that they suit every body type. You can carry a nice cashmere stole along to ace the look.


Denim jackets add an edge factor to every outfit. They have this badass feature to it which can instantly make any outfit look attractive. Pick a contrast color bralette and wear it beneath your denim jacket with front open. Wear your flared jeans with pointed ballerinas to finish this look. This one creates a very long-lasting impact because it is a blend of badass and feminine attire. This look is uber chic and definitely one of the most tasteful ways to showcase your sexy bralettes in different colors.


Instead of wearing a regular outfit, try thinking out of the box to add oomph to your outfit. Sustainability is the new definition of style statement. Go with the trends so that you don’t feel outdated. Picking a normal tee or tank top with a suspender or jumpsuit is mainstream and you definitely don’t want that. Instead, pair it with your bralette and instantly flaunt the coolest style possible. You can also add layers by carrying a loose shrug over it. Wear your white sneakers and you’ll be ready in no time!

There are countless ways to style a bralette. The above options are just our favorite picks but you can always run your thought process and style them in any way you want. Whatever you want to style, just do it!

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