Summer is near and with the arrival of summer comes the pool parties, going out on a nice sunny day, sunbathing, going to a beach, having a lot of fun outdoors, fares, carnivals, and festivals taking place in the nice weather. With all the above-mentioned happening near you, it is important to have some trendy and nice items to enjoy the season. You need to get some trendy clothes, some nice skincare to protect your skin from the sun rays, and a lot of nice interior items to make your house feel like summer. QVC brings you all the things you might need in summer and thus you should, without any ado visit the website and shop for all the things that will be required this summer.

Given below is a list of trendy products that you can buy from QVC and create a fun-filled and refreshing summer.

1: Tolani Collection Sleeveless Scoop-Neck Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are super comfortable in summers as they make movement effortless, they look cute and stylish and they are of an absorbable material making you comfy and relaxed on a hot summer day. You can style them in various ways and can wear them in different kinds of places such as you can wear one on a beach, during daily chores running errands, having brunch, and many more. This Tolani collection sleeveless scoop-neck maxi dress is a stunner and looks amazing. The ruffles in the dress add a new element making it look trendy and chic.


Sleeveless Scoop Neck Maxi


2: Too Faced Too Femme Eye Shadow Palette & Waterproof Mascara

Too Faced Too Femme eye shadow palette is a beautiful shadow palette with stunning and rich colors, ideal for a summer look. These eye shadows are vibrant and are super pigmented. They give you a feminine touch with the colors present in the palette. Along with the palette you get a waterproof mascara that creates stunning eyelashes with the volume it provides to them. Being waterproof, this mascara is perfect to be applied in summers as it will not spoil when you sweat or when you are playing in the water. Get yourself this eyeshadow palette and waterproof mascara set and enjoy your summers.


Femme Eye Shadow Palette


3:Sunday Riley Morning Buzz Brightening Serum and Eye Cream 2-Pc Kit

It is important to take care of your skin and to keep it hydrated and healthy. You can keep your skin hydrated and can provide it with vitamin c and antioxidants that keep the skin glowing, improves dullness, makes the skin look youthful, and fight against aggressors. The eye cream helps you improve the puffiness of the eye, lighten the under-eye dark circles, and to improve the overall look of the skin around the eye. The brightening serum hydrates and nourishes the skin. Get the Sunday Riley morning buzz brightening serum and eye cream kit and improve your skin.


Morning Serum


4: Haute Hippie Tribe Knit Maxi Dress w/ Fringe Belt

Maxi dresses are one of the ideal clothes to be worn in summer. Not only are they easy to style and wear, but they also look amazing and make the person wearing them look chic and stylish. This Haute Hippie Tribe knit maxi dress w/a fringe belt can be classified under the athleisure category and also has a fringe belt on the waist which can help you cinch the waist and create a nice refined look. This dress provides you both comfort and style and thus you can wear it when you are lounging in your house or when you want to have a casual look.


Maxi Dress


5: Schutz Leather Braided Mid-Heel Sandals – Blair

Summer means saying goodbye to boots and thick snowshoes that protect your feet from cold winds and snow and saying hello to sandals, flats, and heels. The Schutz Leather Braided Mid-Heel Sandals from Blair are a stunning pair of heels that you can get for yourself and pair with so many different dresses and outfits. These heels have a braided pattern in front and at the ankle which gives them a nice texture and look. These heels are available in four colors namely, black, bright tangerine, smoky grape, and green fresh. These colors apart from black, are all pastel shades that are ideal to be worn in summers and to create some vibrant outfits.


Leather-Braided Mid Heel


6: Cecelia New York Wedge Sandals – Farra

How are you prepared for summers if you do not have a good pair of sandals that you can use to pair with different outfits in the season? Here QVC provides you with the Cecelia New York Wedge Sandals. These sandals are ideal to be worn in summer with a nice maxi or a summer dress or with pants and trousers. These sandals have a nice block heel to them and have a mesh upper balance providing it a new and chic style. These sandals are available in numerous sizes and are available in three colors, namely sugar, Nutella, and silver. Get these stunning sandals from QVC.


Wedge Sandals


7: Philosophy ultimate miracle worker SPF 30 moisturizer duo

Summer means hot sunny days and direct sunlight. This means you need to protect yourself from the sun’s rays and keep your skin healthy and protected. You can do so by applying a good sunscreen and a moisturizer that can protect your skin from the rays and the latter can keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The SPF 30 in the moisturizer works wonders and provides you the best protection from the sun and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. It is not heavy on the skin and you can apply it before applying any makeup. This cream keeps the makeup smooth and nice.


SPF-30 moisturizer


8: Floral Street 50ml Eau de Parfum and Home Diffuser Set

Summertime means flowers blooming around and nice and fresh fragrances around the area. To create a similar vibe in the house you can get the Floral Street 50ml Eau de Parfum and Home Diffuser Set from QVC. This set contains perfume and a home diffuser. The perfume can be used by you and as it has a nice floral aroma to it, you can use it on daily basis during the daytime and can use the home diffuser in the house so that the interior has a nice fragrance. This is available in three fragrances, electric rhubarb, vanilla orchid, and wonderland peony.


Home Diffuser Set


9: Gilda Paris Quilted Shoulder Bag

Another product that you should add to your summer collection has to be this stunning Gilda Paris Quilted shoulder bag. This bag is spacious and can keep a lot of your stuff and it looks chic and stylish from the outside. The quilted pattern of the bag and the chain straps and the handles give this shoulder bag a retro vibe to it. This bag is available in three shades, black, blush, and taupe. Get yourself one of these shoulder bags and accessorize your outfit with them. Look chic and elegant with this stunning shoulder bag.


Shoulder Bag


10: Lightscapes Set of (2) 18-oz Beach Glass Candles

Candles are also used to make the house smell nice and according to the weather or occasion. There are so many scented candles with unique and amazing fragrances. This set of candles is beautifully scented and has a nice design to it. You can enhance the look of the space with these stunning candles. These candles are available in four different scents that can make your house smell fresh and comfy. They are gardenia, honey spice, shoreline, and sweet pineapple. You can feel spring or tropical vibes from the candles. This provides a gentle glow along with the scent.


Beach Glass Candles


11: Peter Thomas Roth Max Clear Invisible Priming Sunscreen Duo

It is important to keep your skin safe and healthy in summer and to do so you need to apply a good quality sunscreen that can protect your skin and is also not too heavy to make you feel uncomfortable. The Peter Thomas Roth Max Clear Invisible Priming Sunscreen Duo available at QVC has all the qualities you would look for when searching for a good sunscreen. This sunscreen is clear and is not heavy on the skin. This targets the uneven skin tones and textures and dries like the primer making it easy to apply makeup afterward. Also, this is reef safe and is suitable for all skin types.


Priming Sunscreen


12: Jantzen Comfort Strap Tankini with Skirted Bottom

Pool parties are extremely common in summers and thus it is important to dress accordingly. Ehre at QVC you are provided with a beautiful tankini. The Jantzen Comfort Strap Tankini with Skirted Bottom is one of the ideal tankinis you can get from QVC. This tankini has adjustable straps and has a fitted upper and bottom. The tank top has cups sewn and is super comfortable. The skirt has shorts attached to it making it comfortable to move around and enjoy the pool party. This tankini is available in four prints, leopard, black, stripped, white jungle palm.


Comfort Strap Tankini


13: Tolani Collection Embroidered Eyelet Wrap

Tolani Collection Embroidered Eyelet Wrap is a beautiful piece of cloth that can make your outfit look a bit dressier than it was. This cotton eyelet wrap is a stunning additional layer that you add to your outfit. This wrap is like a shrug that you can layer over. The print is suitable for summer. This wrap is available in two different colors mint and white. This embroidered wrap is a beautiful piece that you should get and add to your summer wardrobe and have a stylish summer.


Eyelet Wrap


14: Jantzen Woven Tie-Waist Wide-Leg Cover-Up Pants

Jantzen Woven Tie-Waist Wide-Leg Cover-Up Pants are ideal to be worn on the beach when you want to cover up your beach clothes. These pants are super comfortable. They are wide and have a slit on one side of each leg giving you a chic look. These pants are available in several prints, providing you with a choice to select from. These coverup pants make your bath suit look trendy and stunning, enhancing your beach look.


Wide Leg Cover


15: Miz Mooz Leather Ruffled Slide Sandals – Alena

Another footwear that you should get this summer from QVC has to be these miz Mooz leather ruffled slide sandals. To be comfortable in moving here and therein summers people incline towards flats and sandals. These sandals are super chic and stylish. You get this ruffled leather on the top which adds to the beauty of the sandals. These are comfortable slide sandals with a touch of style and trend to it. Enjoy these sandals after a long time of winter. These are ideal for any summer party, beach trip, pool party, etc.


Ruffled Slide Sandals


These are some of the products that you can get from QVC and that you can utilize to create a memorable and enjoyable summer. Plan a trip to the beach or have fun around the town. You can do so much in summers with no cold weather or snow around. You can go out on a picnic, enjoy a day at the beach, sunbathe, play water sports, wear cute clothes, take proper care of your skin and make have a nice time. Make sure to stay hydrated properly in summer. Provide your body with an adequate amount of nutrients and keep yourself healthy in this season. The list above is some of the products here at QVC. look for all the other products that you can get from QVC for the coming summer.

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