Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe for a Beach Trip

Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe for a Beach Trip

Heading to a beach this summer vacation well, you got to pack some necessities in your go-to back and your luggage. So let’s share what has to go in the go-to bag. Firstly, you need to keep your passport, a pair of goggles, a book to read on your journey, some tampons; as you never know when your hormones can play ugly with you. To be on the safer side it is recommended to take these along. Then, you will need your earphone for sure if you are traveling for a long time and finally, you need to have a pen. You must have a pen in your bag whenever stepping out. Just in case you are heading on a long journey you need to carry an outfit in this bag. That being said let’s start with your outfit packing.

Bathing Suit

Well, it is an obvious outfit that you need to carry while heading for a beach. You not only get to have the suntan but at the same time, you get to show off your body. Well, there is nothing more appealing in the world than seeing a woman in her bikini bathing suit. Don’t you want to agree to that? Well, I hold this opinion. Even, if you don’t have got some extra curves a nice swimsuit cannot look bad on you. Moreover, you are heading for a vacation and just be chilled and relaxed. Don’t bother what others will think. The possibility is that no one will know you there.

Bathing Suit Cover

If you are heading straight from the pool or the beach to the bench then you need to carry this cover-up suit to keep yourselves warm and protected from the direct sunray because whatever sunscreen you have applied has gone off your skin with the ocean salty water. You need to apply another layer of sunscreen to not harm the skin and but the time you reach to the bench let the robe protect you of the sun. Accompanying this you need to carry sunscreen lotion and face moisturizer that too which has a Pa level of three-plus and minimum SPF30 in it. You can look for SPF 50 as well. The robe has to be a loose fit and soft material which could absorb water in your skin easily.


Tees are cool and have a relaxed feeling to it. You can never go wrong wearing a tee on vacation. You can pack a tee and a short in your go-to bag just in case you get your luggage a little later than you are supposed to. Then, you can carry a couple of tees in your luggage which can be paired with the shorts and the joggers. These can be an evening street roaming look.


Carry some lightweight dresses that do not have bright color can be your go-to look for the night parties or even the day exploring the nearby monuments. You can carry a big beach hat with these dresses and in case there are any change or rain or slightly cold weather there is no harm in carrying a jean jacket along.

Joggers & Shorts

The last things you need to pack in your luggage are the joggers and the shorts. If you have kept a pair of joggers then you can go for the morning beach walks or jogs in them. Make sure you have kept your running shoes because you cannot go for a walk in the flip flops. There is nothing better than starting your morning by a walk around the beach. It’s healthy and refreshing. Coming to the shorts these can be again something cool to wear with the blouse as well as the tees you are carrying along.
These are all the articles of clothing you need to keep for the beach vacation.

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