It’s not far away when you will be hitting the beach and soaking in the sun that your body didn’t get enough of during the winters. You might be staring out of the windows RN and waiting for the chilling winters to end so that you can enjoy the sun and the beach. And while you think of that, swimwear is probably the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind. No beach day out or vacation can be fun without having that super cute and super sexy swimwear. Whether you are planning to jet off for a beach vacation or want to splurge in summer staples, shopping for a swimsuit is of utmost importance. If you are someone who likes to be updated with all the current fashion trends then it would be only fitting that you invest in pieces that are trending at the moment. We have uncovered some of the best swimwear trends for you that won’t only look stylish but will also earn you lots of compliments this year.

Metallic swimsuits

This swimsuit might just be the perfect way to say that they don’t have to look boring. They can also look equally stylish and blingy with the right amount of glimmer to it. It’s not the blinding or extra glitter we are talking about, it’s the metallic version that looks super subtle yet super stylish with the right amount of metallic to it. Feminine, effortless and universal fit is how we would describe this gorgeous swimwear when we think of it. Whether in the form of a bikini set or one-piece, either way, this swimwear will make you grab a lot of attention.

Textured swimsuits

Even with all the craze about florals and colors, if you are someone who is more into minimalist style then this is just the right swimsuit for you. Textured swimsuits are emerging out to be one of the biggest trends this year, not that we are complaining. These minimalist designed swimsuits are a really refreshing take on those floral and vibrant colored swimsuits. Any kind of texture, be it the ribbed material, seersucker or floral texture, you can find these swimsuits in a variety of options. From bikinis to one-pieces, opt for one that flatters your body.

Multi-functional one-pieces

A swimwear that can multitask probably might be the best thing any designer can come up with. And thankfully, this year a similar swimwear piece was introduced in the fashion world. A swimwear that can be worn not only as a swimsuit but also under your skirts or pants as a top can make things so much easier to manage. Pieces that can do double duty are always the best purchase any girl can do as it also makes packing so much easier.

Animal print swimsuits

Animal print has always been loved by masses and has always managed to a part of trend every season be it in the form of clothes or shoes. And this year also it managed to be one of the biggest trends but in the form of swimwear. Channel your inner diva and hit the beach wearing these animal print swimsuits that look every bit of edgy and stylish. Whether you are all about zebra print bikini or tiger/leopard print one-piece, animal prints will keep you sorted and stylish on your poolside parties.

Minimalist cut-out swimsuits

The body-flattering cut-outs are making a return this year but in a more minimalistic way. These minimalist detailings are not only limited to a particular fashion category but they are also a major hit in the swim world this year. Clean lines and refined details are what make this swimsuit set apart from others. These pieces look very stylish but in their own minimal way.

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