The Best Way To Remove Makeup: Tips To Get Every Last Trace Off

The Best Way To Remove Makeup: Tips To Get Every Last Trace Off

We all are familiar with how important it is to get your makeup off before hitting the bed. But are you following it correctly? Do you include all the steps to get a squeaky clean face the next morning? It’s time to recheck on how you remove your makeup.
For a fresh start every morning it’s really important to remove every last bit off. By removing your makeup you are doing the ultimate favour on your skin. Leftover makeup is not the best thing for your skin; it can clog your face and exude a fair share of problems acne, wrinkles, blackheads, and whiteheads to name a few. Certainly, we all remove our makeup but the majority of us do it in the wrong way or not in a proper manner. Removing makeup includes getting even the last traces of makeup off! So, applying makeup doesn’t become an ordeal for your skin.
We have compiled a bunch of sterling tips from leading makeup experts that would be a guide on how to remove even the last traces off your skin. From eye makeup, base makeup, to getting your pout down we have included everything that comes under the head of a makeup removal.

Use A Makeup a Cleanser-

Your daily cleanser is not sufficient to remove makeup. As a makeup-removing agent, you need a product that is oil-based as oil can easily attract all the dirt and grime without leaving behind any residue, therefore oil-based cleansers are deemed to be perfect makeup remover. Massage it all over your face in circular motions focusing towards the sides of the nose, hairline, and under the chin, and leave it for about 10 minutes. Take a wet cotton cloth and wipe that all off.
Extra Attention on Eyes-
We often neglect our eyes but it’s really important to pay attention on your eyes as the toughest makeup products to be removed are applied on your eyes. Mascara and liner both are hard to get off. Don’t just vigorously scrub your eyes when removing eye makeup as the skin around the eyes is sensitive.
Use a gentle eye makeup remover and with the help of a cotton pad wipe that entire gunk off your eyes.

Double Cleansing-

After you’ve removed all your makeup with the makeup remover clean your face with the normal cleanser you use daily. As you are cleaning your face twice once with the makeup remover and once with the normal cleanser you’re double cleansing your face.
Double cleansing ensures that even the last traces of makeup are not left behind and you get a squeaky clean skin.

Avoid Baby Wipes-

It’s the very cringe to use baby wipes to remove your makeup. Baby wipes are a gentle stuff that don’t do the job of removing the right. Still, unknowingly it’s insignificance in removing makeup many women use them. For removing makeup you need a tough product that removes even the last bit off.

Be Gentle On Your Skin-

During all this makeup removing process, be gentle on your skin. While removing makeup you don’t need to be tough on your skin as it might affect the skin’s elasticity. Massage the makeup remover with light hands and using a circular motion that will ensure all the makeup is removed without pulling your skin. Go over all the same spots again that will loosen the makeup and you don’t have to go crazy while removing but make sure you don’t scrub back and forth. Always work in a circular direction.

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