We all apply face serum; face serums have become an integral part of our skincare regime. But, have you ever wondered if you’re applying it accurately?
It’s really important to apply the face serum correctly. Only if you’re using face serum in the correct order you can extract the desired results from it.
In the feed, we have compiled the correct way to apply a face serum so that you end up giving your skin the most out of the product. If you want to know whether you’re using it in the correct way or not or what’s the correct way, read till the end!

Followed By Toner

If you’re wondering when to apply a face serum, well, then, face serums are to be applied after toner. The serum not only hydrates your skin but also regenerates and heals your skin, so it has to be the first product you apply after toner. Face serum preps your skin for the next step and if your skin is nicely prepped it locks in the moisturizers really well.
Once, you’ve applied a toner wait for 10 seconds and with clean hands apply the face serum.

How Much To Use


After knowing when to apply a face serum it’s also important to know the amount you should apply. Most of us don’t know the right quantity of face serum and thus end up applying more than required. By doing this not only we are wasting the product but also over-layering the product. Thus, when you apply a face serum, make sure you are using the correct amount.
Always use a pea-sized amount of face serum and apply it all over the face. If you have a dropper packaging it should be 2-3 pumps and not more than that.

Do Not Directly Apply To The Face

While you’re using a face serum make sure you don’t touch the dropper directly to your face as it increases the risk of contaminating the product.
Drop 2-3 drops directly onto your palms and rub your palms before applying the product. The rubbing will ensure the product sinks perfectly onto your skin.
The biggest mistake we all do while applying the face serum is that we directly apply it to our face and that doesn’t allow your product to penetrate deep into the skin, and there’s no point in using a face serum.

Don’t Rub The Face Serum

Another mistake we all do is rubbing the face serum just the way we do with the moisturizer. You don’t have to rub the face serum as rubbing will wipe out the product and it would be equal to not using a face serum even if you have used.
You have to press the serum gently onto your skin and don’t have to rub it. Once, you’ve applied the face serum wait for about 2 minutes before applying facial oils or moisturizers. You should give a gap between the skincare products you apply as the gap will make sure the product penetrates deep into the skin.

So, this the correct order of applying a face serum. The majority of us were applying the face serum incorrectly and we hope the feed helped you to know the correct way to apply it.
To get the most out of a product you should apply it in the correct order. Sometimes, the product doesn’t show the results and we blame the product but the results also depend on how you apply the product.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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