Of all the beauty trends that are believed to be huge in 2021, going minimal with our makeup routines is something we all are looking forward to. Given the year we have had, it makes sense why people have been focusing more on their skincare routine and putting on just enough amount of makeup to look presentable whenever stepping out of the house. Since we have grown more comfortable with our skin sans makeup, minimal makeup would work just fine when it comes to stepping out of the house, no matter if you are running some errands or going for a brunch with your friends. Instead of putting layers and layers of makeup on your skin, keeping the look minimal and natural is how everyone is going about it in the new year.

This only means one thing that the makeup products you collected throughout the months will most likely remain unused for a while, and you might also need to buy some new makeup products, or should we say staples, to add to your makeup kit to hop on a minimal makeup trend.

Listed below are all the products you will need to go minimal with your makeup in 2021.


CC creams

One of the first products to include in your makeup kit is a CC cream. CC cream is a wonderful alternative to foundation, working with a foundation is not so easy, given the layering and blending part. But a CC cream is really easy to work with. Also, unlike foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and clog the pores. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by switching to CC cream, it not only blends easily on the skin but also looks quite natural. Additionally, a CC cream provides decent coverage; it can help in concealing imperfections on your face quite nicely.



Nothing can supersede this holy-grail product in our makeup kit, there’s nothing this product cannot do. Right from concealing your stubborn dark circles to camouflaging your blemishes, acne, etc., a good concealer can do so much for you. You can always reach for your trusty concealer whenever you need extra coverage.



One of the easiest and minimal ways to play up your eyes and add some drama to them is by drawing a thin flick of eyeliner. In addition to making you look put-together, eyeliner also helps in opening up your eyes, making your eyes look wide. For days when you need some dramatic element and spice in your look, you can turn to your eyeliner to do the trick for you. It will instantly add so much drama to your look without looking OTT.



How can we not mention mascara on this list? No makeup look tends to feel complete without adding oodles of mascara to the look. Mascara is also a great way to draw attention towards your eyes, it not only makes your eyes look all the more attractive and beautiful but also helps to open up your peepers, making you look wide awake. You can use a lengthening and curling mascara to add volume to your lashes and make them look fluttery, fuller, and longer.


Lip and cheek tint

What’s a makeup look without wearing any lipstick? A single swipe of any lipstick can instantly make you look from drab to fab. And when it comes to finding a perfect lipstick for a minimal makeup look, you should opt for a lip and cheek tint instead of buying a regular lipstick. A lip and cheek tint is a versatile makeup product, it not only works beautifully as lipstick and blush but can also be used as an eyeshadow.

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