There are fashion trends that are coming and going. Every year during this time, we use to explore and run around the world. Summers were the time when we went on vacation. We got to build some new memories with our friends and family. Well, it is not happening now so we need not shop anything which we wouldn’t be wearing for the years to come. You might have noticed how every year we come across several trends. They are loved and get to the hike, which is why the price increases, and then the next year almost everyone has forgotten about them. Except for the ones who really spend their money on them. Therefore, you can look for basis dressing which all of you must be having but in case you don’t have then grab the opportunity of sale. Unfortunately, dress them in the years to come.

Boyfriend Blazers

Although we have been seeing a lot of these blazers around us lately, it is doubtful that they will last. The boyfriend blazers have gained some audience in the market over the years. Most of us own them but the traditional blazers cannot be compared to the loose fit of this blazer. It can be something which can make you look casually classy. However, there is a big question of them to be settling in the work environment. Besides we cannot forget the blazers that we own, they have cost us a great deal. We cannot just give up on them and buy these new trends. May be with years these will vanish and the traditional clothing will be what we will choose.

Summer shots

There are denim shorts which are running in trend for years. This trend is again not going anywhere for the years. However, the Bermuda shorts that we had are not a good investment. These have been the choice of many ladies for this summer. You might have even purchased these. But in the end, these may not come back next year. We will have other options different then what we have today. The trend is to wear these with a boyfriend blazer, which is again been perceived as a short-lived trend.

Higher Heels

Well, ladies, you might have had the habit of wearing the big three to four inches long heels but during this pandemic, you would have got much more comfortable in the flats you have been wearing at home. These are super trending and look extremely flattering while dressed up with formal attire. You can wear higher heels if you like but it is a great opportunity for you to get comfortable and wear lesser height heels. Heels look better than flats no matter what you decide to wear. The can not only make you look elongated but you can look dressier by changing a small accessory. You can go for the fancy flip flops if you like but investing in heels that have studs or some sort of embroidery over them will be rarely worn by you.


We can bet you on this that you have had tons of dresses in your closet and since we aren’t getting out much this year. It will be better for us to wear dresses which are preexisting and not spend any further on them. The dresses you could be wearing can be a wrap dress or tunic dress. The dresses which have come in trend this year is the doll dresses or oversized dresses. You can invest in them if you are looking for something comfortable to wear during your homestay. As these dresses aren’t meant to be worn outside, they are flowy and made up with breathable material which is what we want but still. These are not what we are supposed to be investing in, as it will last just a few days with us and then it will be gone.

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