The right way to apply foundation on dry skin for a flawless finish

The right way to apply foundation on dry skin for a flawless finish

Foundations have always turned out to be a life savior in one way or another. Be it covering redness and dark spots or uneven skin tone, there’s nothing foundation cannot do, which is why it’s deemed an essential makeup product. A foundation forms the base of a makeup routine; it helps in creating a flawless base for other products to follow.
While foundations are easy to work with, sometimes they can pose some issues, especially when you’re using them on dry skin in winter. If not used correctly, foundations can actually end up accentuating skin problems like blotchiness and dryness. These issues are most commonly associated with winter, and wearing foundation on dry skin becomes such a task in winter. It doesn’t always have to be like this, there are definitely some ways that can help you avoid issues like dryness and blotchiness, and if you are eager to know about those ways, then you better go through the entire article.

You don’t have to give up on wearing foundation in winter, by following a couple of right tips and techniques, you can achieve an even and flawless foundation finish without any hassle, no matter how cold it gets.


Apply loads of moisturizer

Since winter robs your skin of moisture and leaves it extremely dry, it becomes imperative to deliver intense hydration to the skin, and nothing can do this job better than a moisturizer. Apart from slathering your skin with a generous amount of moisturizer and using the right type of moisturizer, you should also know when to apply the product to your skin for the best results. The best time to apply a moisturizer is right before stepping into the shower or use it as soon as you step out of the shower when your skin is still slightly damp. Applying moisturizer at the right time will ensure better absorption of product into the skin. The better the absorption of the product, the hydrated your skin will feel, which in turn, will prep your skin for makeup.


Use a hydrating primer

Before you move on to your foundation, make sure to apply a hydrating primer to your face. It is an important step, which ensures your makeup lasts longer and also allows the smooth application of makeup products. Additionally, primers help to fill in the pores that make your skin look even-toned. When it comes to picking a primer, you should use a hydrating primer to deliver an extra dose of moisture to the skin and prepare it for makeup application.


Apply a liquid foundation

The formulation matters a lot when it comes to using a foundation in winter. Since winter makes your skin pretty dry, you don’t want to pick a formula that will accentuate the dry patches on your skin further. You should steer clear of matte foundations and invest in liquid or creamy foundations instead. Liquid and cream-based foundations are so much easier to glide onto the skin, unlike matte foundations; they don’t accentuate dry patches on the face. If you want to keep the base pretty light and aren’t dealing with major skin concerns, then you can also consider using a CC cream, which is known for being lightweight and also offers decent coverage. As far as the foundation is concerned, pick it in a liquid formula and make sure that it is formulated with hydrating ingredients.


Blend your foundation using a damp makeup sponge

When it comes to blending the foundation onto your skin, you should always use a damp makeup sponge to get the job done. Using a damp makeup sponge for blending the foundation will help you achieve a dewy and airbrushed finish. Just make sure to clean the makeup sponge each time before using it to avoid skin infections.

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