The Rule Book of looking stylish 24*7!

The Rule Book of looking stylish 24*7!

Being stylish is not a matter of expensive clothes and accessories or brands and labels. No matter what you do in styling your clothing or picking the right fit, everything goes in vain if you don’t flaunt it the right way. The thing is that being stylish is simply a way of life and not just one particular day. If you plan on picking outfits for your outing that will make you look stunning, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. And these things are not brands or labels, instead, they are tips on how to walk smartly even in the most minimalistic outfit. This rule book is a must-have for all the women out there who wish to look stunning every single minute of the day.

Understand your body type

Understanding your body type is imperative because whatever clothing you are wearing, it reflects your body figure and highlights all the parts. Sometimes you wish to conceal some body parts and if they only come to notice, then what is the point? It will be the biggest fashion faux pas, no matter how expensive it is. So, this is the foremost thing you must pay attention to. Know what looks good on you and what doesn’t, what type of color flatters your body or what accentuates your body parts and what doesn’t. This knowledge will always save you from creating a disaster in most of the situations.

Invest in top-quality basics

Whether it is your workplace, casual lunch outing or even your dinner scenes, you would always need basic clothing as a part of underneath dressing or as a primary dressing. The best thing about basic clothing is that it can be worn for any outing an can be styled and accessorized in a lot of ways. If you are thinking of picking cheap quality basics, this would be the worst thing ever. Because any kind of clothing and fabric speaks for itself. If you pick a down-quality fabric, it will destroy the entire look and become a fashion disaster. This is not a good thing because most of the time we are dressed in basics and not bling. So, you should pick top-notch basics because they have the power to make you look stylish all the time.

Don’t be brand conscious

This is something most of us do but fail to admit it because we don’t want to come out as too bossy or arrogant. Up to a certain point, it is okay to pick brands for yourself and dress in them in the most stylish way. But it is not necessary. Don’t make it a way of life. The thing about brands and labels is that they can burn a hole in your pocket most of the time and still not make you look stylish if you don’t flaunt them the right way. You must have seen girls that look a tad more stylish than others. Does that mean they are always dressed in labels and expensive clothing? Well, the answer is no. The trick is to style the most basic clothing in the most stylish way and then step out. Pick a mix and match of both.

Always plan your outfits prior

One must always make sure that the night you are going out or the next morning- both of them should be hassle-free. You should always plan your outfits prior and not leave it to the last minute. Fashion faux pas and mess is created only when the elements of styling and dressing are left to the last minute. This way you are not able to put in a 100% effort in styling your outfit. So, how are you going to look smart 24*7? It’s simple. Pick your outfits a few hours before going out and don’t wait for it until the last minute. Give your mind a break and think patiently how you want to match your outfits to create one great silhouette. Planning a day in advance will always end up in making you look perfect.

Curate a signature look

Everyone has a signature look that they pull off when nothing else works or they are running out of time. This look will save you for most of the occasions and will also showcase your personality as a stylish one 24*7. It could be paired with everything and for every possible outing and not disappoint you. This concept saves you every time so you should know what is your signature style. Learn about it, curate it and flaunt it for every outing!

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