First things first, perfumes are not one of those beauty items that you can buy without giving them any thoughts or considerations, they are a kind of investment, and you certainly don’t want to go wrong with them. Buying perfumes can be an expensive affair, but as long as we keep smelling great, it wouldn’t hurt to splurge some amount on some of the best perfumes on the market. While most girls spend a large sum of money on buying the best perfume at the stores, what they don’t realize is that getting an expensive perfume isn’t necessarily going to make for a great investment. When you go for perfume shopping, don’t make an impulsive buy and grab the first fragrance that smells the best to you. You should always bear a few things in your mind while choosing the best fragrance amongst the whole lot. While you should always pick the perfumes that are long-lasting, there are a few other things that need to be considered as well before you make that luxurious investment.
Listed below are a few things that you should bear in mind the next time you go for perfume shopping.

Don’t smell more than three fragrances at a time

One of the most important things to bear in mind while perfume shopping is to not smell more than three fragrances at a time. No amount of coffee-bean sniffing will help you in this process, the truth is, when you smell three fragrances consecutively, your ability to smell anything else automatically weakens. Therefore, before you head to smell the fourth perfume, make sure to take a break of at least 10 minutes to get your discerning skills back in the game.

Establish a difference between the notes of the fragrance

Another imperative thing to keep in mind while perfume shopping is understanding the difference between the notes of the fragrance. You should try to understand three different notes of the fragrance.
The top note: Judging the perfume based on its first note is not the wisest thing to do. When you first spritz the perfume, the top note lasts for exactly the first 10 minutes, therefore, before you make any judgment, get a better understanding of other notes as well.
The heart: The top note is replaced by middle note aka heart note, it lasts for about 45 minutes, which gives you a better understanding of how a perfume will smell in the long run. Therefore, always wait for some time to establish the difference between the notes so that you can pick the best fragrance amongst the whole lot.
The base note: This is how your perfume will smell when it is drying down.

Pay heeds to the description


Before you jump to the conclusion and make the purchase, make sure to read the description of the perfume you are planning to purchase. Apart from putting a description of all the notes on the label of the bottle or box, most perfumes also distinguish themselves on the basis of personality traits and emotions as well. For instance, some perfumes are labeled as florals, the other few are often described as sensual. Therefore, make sure to pay heed to the description so that you can pick your fragrance accordingly.

Try picking perfume that matches your personality

You can never go wrong with things that complement your personality, and it’s not just limited to your clothes or shoes, perfumes can also be purchased on the basis of this criteria. Based on your lifestyle, you can pick a perfume that best matches your personality. For instance, if you are working full-time for about 9 to 12 hours a day, you must consider buying a perfume that falls more on the stronger side and is long-lasting, soft fragrances might make you feel lazier than you already are.

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