Eyebrows are the second most prominent feature in your face after your eyes of course. They add some sharpness and personality to your face and gives it a defined look. However, there’s always a right way of doing your brows as they can easily turn out to be a big fail and make you look downright scary. Much like a winged eyeliner, filling in your eyebrows the right way needs a lot of practice and learning. It isn’t something which you will be able to learn in just a day, keep practicing and you will surely get better at it day by day. Intentionally or unintentionally we do so many mistakes while doing the eyebrows that further can affect the way they appear. However, if you bear certain things in mind we assure you, you will become a pro at filling in your eyebrows in no time.

We have formed a list of a few things that you should bear in mind while filling in the brows. Read on to know about them.

Grooming the brows is extremely important

If you are someone who starts filling their brows without properly grooming them, then my dear friend you have been doing it wrong all this while. This is not the correct way of filling them. The hair of your brows needs to be properly groomed in order to make them look the way you have always wanted. All the extra hair that has been relaxing on your brows for months needs to be removed right away, either using waxing or threading.

The spoolie that comes with most of the brow pencils can be used to clean your brow. Brush the hair in the direction of the growth and you will have your brows ready to be filled in.

Make sure you are not using too much product

Using too much product doesn’t mean you will get those perfect brows. The key to achieving those perfect brows is to take the product in a very little amount. Just bear this mantra in mind ‘the less is more’. If you mistakenly go overboard with the brow product then you are only going to end up looking like a fake doll and a little scary, to be honest. Use very light strokes while filling in the brows and blend it nicely and evenly.

Use the right brush

It’s very important to pick the right brush to fill in the brows. Picking a brush that comes with thin bristles wouldn’t pick on the product and picking a brush that is too thick will not help you in creating precise lines. Which is why it’s always suggested to go for an angled brush that comes with thin and dense bristles. It will make sure you fill in the brows with precision.

Don’t fill in the front of your brows first

When we first dip the brush in the product, it tends to take a lot of product with it. And using the same brush to fill in the first half of your brows will give them a very harsh look. And your first half of the brows should look a little sparse than the rest of the area. Always start by filling in the tail of your brows as it is supposed to be the darkest area of your brows. After making sure that the product has dispersed, using light feathery strokes you can fill the front of your brows as well.

Choose the right shade for yourself

Choosing the right shade of eyebrow product is another important thing to bear in mind. Going for the shade that isn’t your color is only going to give your brows a very fake appearance. Many beauty experts suggest that you should always opt for lighter shades as they give a very natural and effortless appearance and are more forgiving than others. Whereas, if you choose a darker shade, it will give your brows a very harsh appearance. Look for the shade that enhances your feature and not overpower them.

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