Tips needed when matching different colors

Tips needed when matching different colors

It is a bit confusing to get to know about the colors and understand the color wheel and know what colors compliments what and how can you pair different clothes together and make different looks out of it. It is important to match colors well and to know what suits you the best. Colors play an important role in making or breaking an outfit. You might have great stylish clothes but if you chose the wrong colors then no matter how wonderful the design is, the overall look would not look good. Some colors might complement your skin and there would be colors that won’t. Thus before selecting the right colors for yourself get to know more about the color wheel. Here are some of the tips that you can use when matching different colors.
1: Get to know about complementary colors

You need to get to know a lot about the color wheel ad get to know what colors taht would complement each other. Several colors work well together. Complementary colors are usually the ones that be on the opposite sides of the color wheel and look great together. You can pair things in these color schemes and create a wonderful outfit with them. Learn a few complementary colors and work on them for your next outfits.
2: Match analogously

If you do not want to go with too many colors then you can go with colors analogously. These are the colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. Such as yellow-orange and red. These three colors are together next to each other in the color wheel and they make great outfits together. These different shades blend in a nice way and make you look stylish. You can get clothes in this color scheme and look chic and stylish.
3: Match triadic colors together

Another way to match colors using a color wheel is by combining colors that are at an equal distance from one another on the wheel. These colors are called triadic colors. You can choose these colors and pair them up as well. They work wonderfully and make you look trendy and someone with a great fashion sense. You can go with the brighter shades of these colors or the lighter ones as you feel like.
4: Go with a monochromatic look

If you have trouble selecting the colors for your outfit, you can always go with the monochromatic look. This look is trendy and stylish and makes you look chic. You can use elegance and chic with this look. All you need to do is pair clothes in either one color or shades of one color and voila you got the look. You can also go monochromatic with the accessories that you want to adorn the outfit. This whole one-shade outfit looks great and is a bit difficult to pull without making it overwhelming.
5: Get to know your skin tone and select the colors

It is important to get to know your skin shade and then look for the colors that complement your skin tone. There are colors that complement certain shade and thus you need to know what is your color wheel so that you can make outfits by pairing different colors not only does the outfit looks good but that also complement you. This helps in creating a wonderful look. Cool shades look great on pale skin and warmer shades look good on darker tones. You need to look at these colors to know which would look amazing on you.

Now you know a lot about how can you make sure that your outfit looks great. The clothes need not be designed but if you choose the right color they would look expensive and dressy. But if you choose the wrong color combinations, no matter how expensive the clothes be, the look would not come out to be good. Thus you need to get to know the color wheel properly and get to know what colors you can use and what colors do not work well together. Be creative and pair some nice and vibrant colors together to create some nice outfits.

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