For all those pretty brides to be, everything you pick for your wedding day is unique and gorgeous. You make sure that whatever you pick for your wedding day has a touch of charm to it and looks stunning from a distance. You crave to be the center of attention on this special day of yours and if everything is paid so much attention, then your footwear should not lag behind. This is an extremely important aspect because you are supposed to walk in them the entire time and so, they should be comfortable and soft. Your pretty feet should not feel suffocated in them. Therefore, we have this style guide for you so that you pick the right pair of heels or flats for yourself. Keep in mind the following points before buying your wedding day shoes!

Consider the venue

The foremost thing you should pay attention to while picking the right pair of shoes for yourself is to consider the venue of your ceremony. The thing is that if you have an outdoor wedding, then you should skip wearing stilettos or high heels because they will make you uncomfortable. You never know you put a step forward and end up twisting your ankle on uneven ground. On the other hand, if it is inside a church or a building, then there would be even ground. So, you can wear your pointed or high heels, pumps, and stilettos. For outdoor weddings, it is recommended to wear wedges or platforms so that you are at ease the entire time and also, there is no fear of shoe bite and tripping.

Prioritize your comfort

The color, design and even the heel height comes far later whenever you are considering picking a pair of shoes for your wedding day. The first thing you ought to consider is the level of comfort this pair of heels is giving you. If it hurts already, it is not going to be comfortable later also, obviously. If it is comfortable and soft already, it will be your best investment. This is actually one of the most important things while picking nay pair of shoes and not just the wedding day. But since we are talking about the wedding day, you should always prioritize comfort and nothing else. Skip the design and even the color, invest in a soothing pair of heels for your pretty feet.

Don’t wait until the last minute

While picking your wedding shoes, it is important to consider some factors like comfort and style. If we are talking about comfort, you should know that it is important to get used to your footwear even before the wedding day. The golden rule goes as- you should never wait until the last minute to find your wedding shoe. This is important because if you buy it last minute, you will not get enough time to wear them and get used to the heel height, the deigning and settlement according to your feet. They might hurt you later so it is important to buy them prior. Moreover, you need plenty of time to ensure it matches your dress as well.

Invest in something that you can use again

You should never splurge on something that you can’t use again because then it would just be a waste of money. This is a very important factor because your wedding shoes- heels or flats are not going to be just a one-time investment. They will be worn time and again. So, if you pick something that is uncomfortable or something that is too blingy to wear later on, then you are just burning your money. Of course, you should consider matching them with your dress but you should also make sure to invest in the right pair of heels.
Over-spending on a shoe that might not even show from under your dress is not a feasible choice to make. So, opt for something that you’re likely to put to use even after your wedding day.

Heels vs. flats

The one speculation that rushes in everyone’s mind while picking the right pair of shoes is this debate on heels vs. flats. Now, there is absolutely no hard and fast rule when you are considering whether you should wear heels or flats. The only thing you need to consider is the fact that what you feel the most comfortable in. This also depends on your height. If you have a short height, you would like to consider wearing heels and if you are tall already, then you can pick a nice pair of flats yourself. A pair of bejeweled sandals can look just as good as a pair of heels.

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