Top makeup hacks that really work

Top makeup hacks that really work

Whether you are a pro or you are a new bee in this makeup world, there are many things you still can’t get expertise at. You can either struggle with cat eyeliner, or maybe contouring can trouble. Whatever it is, you need to know about certain hacks related to makeup. There are genuinely many hacks that will certainly help you out in making the makeup process even smoother.

Also, when we check out the 100s of hacks there are only a few that genuinely works for everyone. Hence, here we are providing the hacks that everyone will be comfortable in doing. Thus, these are some of the Top makeup hacks that really work for everyone out there.


Exfoliating lips before applying lip color

Exfoliation is definitely very important, whether of face, body, or lips. Yes, if you want smooth-looking lips after applying the lipstick, then you must follow this hack. You can buy a lip scrub from any brand you like, and take a small amount of this on your finger and start scrubbing. Gently scrub out the dead skin of your lips for a minute and wipe it or wash it off. Now, as you have proper soft pink lips apply a lip balm and then apply the lipstick. Also, you can use the DIY scrub as well, if you don’t want to spend it on the lip scrub. All you have to do is mix powdered sugar with some honey and if possible, mix some beetroot powder as well for the extra tint. Hence, there you are with your soft and pink lips.


Revive that dry mascara with lens solution

When you are using mascara, it is important to know that mascara’s shelf life after opening is basically 3 to 4 months. If you are using the mascara for a longer period than that then you can certainly invite eye infections. Now, if your mascara dries up before that period of time, you can revive it with this hack. All you have to do is just add some lens solution in the tube of mascara, a few drops would be enough. Or you can add the saline solution to the tube and here you are with your perfectly revived mascara with a bang.


Trim your falsies in half or 4 halves

When you are going for false lashes, it can either create a makeup look or can destroy the whole look. Also, applying falsies can really become a difficult task when it comes to applying it in a hurry and it can definitely be really stressful. Now here is the hack to save your time and everyone as well. What you can do is cut your falsies into half or cut them into four halves. This will certainly save your time and also, it will make false eyelashes easier to apply. No, just simply apply the falsies with ease by just seeing into the mirror.


Make your own DIY tinted moisturizer

We all know applying foundation daily can really be frustrating sometimes. This is due to the fact that foundation has a heavier consistency as compared to the moisturizer or any other base product. Hence, to make sure that you are getting that foundation glow, you can use this hack. You just have to mix the foundation with moisturizer and your all-day tinted moisturizer is ready. And, definitely, this product is more hydrating and also safer to use as well. You can also use this hack any time anywhere you want.


Use your lipstick as a cream blush

Sometimes, when you want some nice color on your cheeks, but you don’t have that shade in the blush form, it can be pretty irritating. But we are here to save your day. You can use your favorite lipstick as a cream blush and you are ready to ace that look. You can use a brush to blend the blush and also you can go for the ring finger for blending as well and that’s how you can get the perfect cream blush.

Hence, these were some of the hacks that are pretty perfect for use and are also very practical. By watching these hacks day and night can make you wonder, which hack works and which doesn’t. And that is the reason why we listed these hacks for you and make it easier for you to apply these hacks in daily life.

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