We all love to wear the popular ongoing trends all time of the year. Yet somehow they look extremely wired on our body making it a little embarrassing for us to dress up in those clothes. So for the love of fashion, we try these dresses but in the end, we get such an uncomfortable feel wearing them that we just quit trying something in that manner. Well, girls letting go hasn’t helped anyone nor will it help you. So try on the little transformation of fabric or style to make the look your body friendly. Here are a few ongoing college trends that you will love to wear to schools and college. Moreover, these are super comfortable.

Shorts with Tank Top

Wearing jeans mini shorts looks extremely unsatisfying on a curvy figure. The ways it gives more structure to your body make you feel you are wearing a shorter size than yours, even when you have got the one that is your size. You want to wear it but cannot look embarrassing in front of al friends. So you just give up and wear stretchy pants and a top. However, you can wear high waist cotton shorts that will not stick to your tights and wear a loose tank top. You will feel the difference in the outfit and look chic.

Flare Dress

To hide the extra curves in the body we need to wear flares. So if you are attracted to those top to tight fit dresses then you will not like your look. The skinny dress will point out every curve of your body. However, if you go for top fitting with flairs from the waistline you will find the look to be more pleasing. Now, you need not wear any tummy tucker inside as your stomach will really not be seen much. Thus invest in winters and summer dresses which are not a body fight but have flairs to it.

Accessorize Flat Dress

We have been seeing how lately women have been wearing a flat flared dress from top to bottom. It doesn’t highlight any of your body curves. You might feel free and airy in these dresses and you will think of them to be the dress made for your body type but it isn’t true. When you wear a dress like this, it looks like you are wearing a long fabric on you with no definition at all. However, if you accessorize a belt over this dress just below the breast line you can give a definition to this dress. This will look pleasing and great on you. You can also wear a flannel shirt around your waist on a plain flat dress. This will give a more casual look, but you can work with it.

Turtle Neck Sweater

The oversized sweater has been a thing recently, well these are a blessing for those of you who have started to have the little tummy around and hide it for the time been. Of course, you are going to exercise and lose that fat right away but something has to company you till then. Even the girls with curvy bodies hesitate to try on something like this first but they suit you well. The turtle neck gives a definition to the upper body letting it loose below.

Grey and Black

This combo wear looks superb for all women. The color comes out so well on various skin tones as well as body time. Thus if you get a black bodysuit and wear a gray jacket on top of it for winters, you will see this look will be flattering. Besides if you like to pair it with a blue pair of jeans then that is for sure the best pants with the upper. Apart from that, you can find this combo as wearing a black top with grey jeans or vice versa. You can work in many ways to wear this comb to find the one made for you.

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