We love to stay trendy all the time, well don’t we, and therefore why leave the chance of staying trendy while going to the gym. We all are aware of the fact that physical workout is extremely important for a person thus; one must feel free in the clothes they are wearing. If you are a regular gym visitor or perform any workout, such as dance, yoga or aerobic then you might be aware that the work-out clothes are made up of two materials one is Spandex and Lycra. The two fabrics are majorly mixed with a solid fabric like cotton to give it a good look. Thus we will discuss the choice of clothes you can wear to your work-out place and you know which fabric you need to look for.

Outfit- 1: Solid Color

We like to keep things in contrast but sometimes a solid color can give you a fabulous look. Don’t you agree? Moreover, if we keep it in a neutral shade that nothing is stopping you from looking trendiest of all. So colors like peach and beige can make the sweat visible, go for light blue, little muddy color can work excellently. Even a light purple shade has a soothing look. Wear pure white color shoes with this solid color gym suit and walk out of your home for GYM.

Outfit-2: T-Shirt and Sweat Pants

Yup, it’s the most common look for a workout right, but why have we mentioned it here. The reason is we need to play with colors for this look. Such as go for a grey work-out pants with a deep red top. It will make you look glamorous of all. Other than that, we all have black sweat pants with the black pants go for any color had it be sky blue, peach, yellow, name the color and you got it. Thus, get yourself a black joggers pants and some neon T-shirts.

Outfit-3: Tank Top Skinny Legging

Tank tops are so cool for a gym wear. So, what you need is a skinny comfy legging or cropped pant in any color and pair it with a tank top. One option you can get, yellow with grey pants. I mean t-shirts are cool too but tank tops give you a way more cooler look, especially if they are quoted with a single word in bold letters, an example can be ‘Fierce’. These make you look bold and classy at the same time, so get your-self some quoted tanks.

Outfit-4: Front Cropped Zipper

Yup girl, you need the zipper that too cropped to show off those after workout curves. You did so much to get there so why wouldn’t you want them to be seen. Pair it with solid tights because shorts wouldn’t work well with these. If you get a work-out suit in this combination then, you are doing a wonderful job. Of course, you can find a solid color in it but a full-on pattern in this suit gives you grace. Such as a mixed colorful combination of contrasting colors like yellow, white, black. There are so many options to explore and feel the difference. However, if you get a full-length zipper you can pair with shorts. A full sleeves and a hip-length zipper looks extraordinary with shorts.

Outfit-5: Loose Fit Vest- High Rise Pants

So our last combination is loose fit vest paired with a high rise pants. Loose fit vest allows you to work-out without the botheration of your armpits being sweaty as the cuts of the armpits are deep below your breast. This makes your bra visible, thus, you can pair your sports bra and pants in one color and wear a vest on top with a contrasting color. You can think of getting burgundy color pants and a sports bra with a white vest on top. You are looking at a sizzling beauty.

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