Footwear is a significant part of our apparel and has the ability to amp our look or totally dull the vibe. Whatever you are looking for, you will find in some unique and drastic pieces that can transform your look in no time. There are a lot of stylish pieces out there that have made their way in fashion and are waiting to be picked by you. Look out for these unconventional shoe styles in heels, boots, and sneakers that will grab your heart. Pick these classy ensembles and flaunt your looks!

Sculpture Heels

This is one of the most unique styles in heels as it comes with a variation. It is not just a regular pencil, block or platform heel. Instead, it looks like something is carved out. The term ‘sculpture’ has been used here because a sculpture is created using one big piece of stone or wood and then, carvings are made out of it to curate the perfect masterpiece. Thus, sculpture heels are also somewhat like this. The designing looks very artistic because it is seen in a lot of shapes and sizes other than the mainstream ones. There is an ultra-style factor to this look because of its heel design and thus, you must pick these sculpture heels for the ultimate flattering. You can pick in hourglass heel design or cylindrical heel design. Everything that is apart from the streamlined design is a sculptured heel. Add this bit of fun whenever you go shopping now!

Futuristic Sneakers

The term ‘futuristic’ has been used to define the future of sneakers. The sneakers we are talking about are actually going to be the future of sneakers and will cast their spell on everyone. Although the wave of these punk sneakers has already made its way through our hearts; it is yet to cast that magic on every person out there. These sneakers have a dash of color or sparkle in them which makes them unique. You will spot these in unusual heel height or platform heel or you will find these in metallic and matte designs. There might be sparkles or graphic designs on some. And some might feature a large logo of the brand itself. These kinds of unconventional shoes surprise everyone and are one of the most stylish styles ever curated!

Cowboy Boots

If you love the bygone days and were a fan of those typical Hollywood actors being shot with horses in that cowboy outfit, then you will love these shoes. Cowboy apparel had been loved by everyone at some point in time. It has an edge to it and showcases a very chill vibe. If you are looking for something that will add oomph to your outfit, then you are in the right place. You can fulfill all your movie fantasies with this pick and there is no turning back then. A typical cowboy outfit comes with these boots and looks ultimate! You can pick these in ankle-length or knee-length as per your need. Since they are a thing of the past, they have proven to be timeless. If you wear them with any outfit, they will transform your look in a jiffy. They make you look chic, carefree and unconventional.

Ornate Heels

As the name suggests, ornate heels are the most gorgeous shoes ever and look like you have added an ornament to your feet as well. This is like adding accessories for your feet just like you do that for apparel. There is a lot of admiration for these heels because they are constructed using some really nice stuff like pearls, sparkles, and other delicate embellishments. They have been seen in a silver, gold or crystal base to look classy. Leather and jute stuff kind of heels won’t suit this style because their build is more tomboy and mediocre. The thing about ornate heels is that they look delicate and showcase an extremely feminine side of yours. If you are looking forward to pulling off the perfect style statement for yourself, then this is your definite pick. Choose intricate detail work in ornate heels to turn heads around!

Square-toe boots

We all have seen round toes and pointed toes in boots and shoes but have you ever thought about square-toes? Well, they are actually super comfortable because there is more space for the toes to breathe and thus, adds to the ease. This square-toe style is actually very pretty and looks timeless. They were a part of the fashion line at some point but now they have made their way to heels and boots as well. These square-toe boots can be picked in ankle-length style and knee-high style as well. they can also be picked in heels with front open and closed. Ths cut design is surely a twist in the boots tyles and looks great in whatever setting you pair it with. Have them as a part of your closet and showcase that style statement!

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