Red is one of the most stunning and universally flattering lipstick shades out there, it looks equally beautiful on every skin tone and can be rocked any time of the day. While most women believe that red lipsticks should be reserved for evenings or certain occasions, there’s no such rule when it comes to wearing red lipstick. You can choose to rock red lips whenever or wherever you want, there’s no need to stop yourself from rocking red lips because you are told or have heard to not wear red lipstick during the day as it would look extra.

Just a single swipe of red lipstick across your lips can transform you from drab to fab in no time. It is just the perfect shade to add extra spice to your look and make yourself feel sexy and confident. Reserving red lipsticks for evening or special occasions is just a senseless thing to do, if you want to wear red lipstick during the day, then you should wear it without any second thoughts.

We have put together a list of some tips that you should keep in mind when wearing red lipstick during the day.


Stick to a minimal makeup look

Considering red is a bright and bold shade, it would be wise to keep the rest of your makeup simple and minimal. In order to let your red lips do all the talking, you should make sure to keep your makeup minimal. Sporting heavy eye makeup with red lips would look OTT during the day; therefore, keep the rest of your look simple. A thin flick of eyeliner and oodles of mascara would be more than enough to complete the look.


Blot excess lipstick

The best way to prevent your red lipstick from smudging, bleeding, and creating a mess is by blotting the excess lipstick from your lips. Apart from ensuring your red lipstick stays in place throughout the day, it will also help to tone down the shade a bit, making it perfect for a daytime makeup look.


Choose the right undertone

Picking the right undertone is crucial when it comes to wearing red lipstick during the day. Picking any undertone that doesn’t really suit you would make you look a bit out of place. Therefore, if you want to avoid that from happening, it’s better to stick to undertones that complement you. In addition to considering your skin tone, you should also take your undertone into consideration. For instance, women with a cool undertone should stick to red lipsticks with blue undertones, and women with a warm undertone should choose red lipsticks with yellow undertones.


Try different textures

If the idea of wearing a full-blown matte red lipstick sounds a bit intimidating to you or you are new to red lipsticks, then here’s a way to rock red lips during the day without looking OTT. You don’t have to consider just matte lipsticks; you can also consider trying different textures such as lip tints, lip creams, glosses, etc. Stick to a texture that looks more subtle to you and at the same time helps you rock a red pout during the day.


Apply it correctly

When it comes to lipsticks, especially red lipstick, the application technique can make a huge difference in the way it appears. Therefore, to ensure your red pout looks perfect during the day, you should follow the right application technique. The first step is to scrub and moisturize your lips, after that, line and fill in your lips with the help of a lip liner. For precise results, you should apply red lipstick with the help of a lip brush. And the last step is to apply concealer on the edges of your lips to make them look more defined and pouty.

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