Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, not that you need a particular day to celebrate your love; there’s just something about this day that makes everything look and feel more special. However, keeping every feeling aside, getting ready is the most fun part about this day, which of course, almost every other girl love doing regardless of their relationship status, after all, self-care and self-pampering is a thing every girl should swear by. While clothes and shoes can be sorted out but makeup is something a lot of girls struggle with. Any girl would want to look their best and what can be better than a hopelessly romantic makeup look that can keep you looking all glam and dreamy.

Regardless of what your plans for the day are, your makeup should look on point to take your Valentine’s Day look to the next level. And to create these looks, you don’t need to be a pro at doing makeup; all these ideas are super easy to create at home. To make the day as special as it should be, try out these makeup looks that will transform you into a glam diva in no time.

Dramatic cat eye

Winged eyeliner always adds a dash of drama, and a striking element to the look and doing the eyeliner in cat-eye style can probably be the best way to create a perfect eye look. Before creating winged eyeliner, make sure to apply the eyeshadow on your lids. A combination of rose pink and fuschia eyeshadow will act as a perfect base to create a cat-eye look. With lots of drama going on your eyes, it would be better to keep the rest of your face neutral, which also means keeping the lipstick nude. The more precise your winged eyeliner is, the more drama it will add to your look, making it the highlight of your look.

Go dark with your lips

There are two ways to play with your lips, one way is to either go dark with them, and the other way is to keep it all neutral with some nude shade. But the look we are trying to create here is inclining more towards the darker lips, and we aren’t complaining because nothing can look more bold and sexier than dark lips. This look may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but one thing is for certain that you will be making a striking statement by wearing a really dark lip shade, almost similar to the black lips. Finish off the look by doing winged eyeliner and some really dark nails to complement your makeup.

Sultry and Smokey eyes

There can be no other makeup look that can look as sexy and sultry than Smokey eyes. And the best thing about this look is, it never really goes out of style and always makes you stand out from the crowd. To create this look, the eye shadow colors doesn’t always have to be the shades of black and grey; you can also experiment and play with different shades of brown, gold, and burgundy. While creating the look, make sure you have applied the same eye shadows to your lower lash line as well; this will ensure your eyes look complete and also make for a perfect smoldering look.

Go bold with crimson red lips.

Red is the color that can never be ignored, and valentine’s day can be the perfect opportunity for you to rock the red lips and make all the heads turn with your bold and confident choice. You may find whole lot different shades of red, but wine-red lipstick is what you will be wearing on that day, and believe us, you won’t be regretting your choice. Just don’t forget to line your lips with the lip liner to ensure that your lipstick stays in place all day all night long. Add a pop of highlighter to your cheekbones and also keep your eyes very minimal with just classic eyeliner.

Go pink for a flirty look.

Make things all bright and cheery by keeping your makeup all pink. It is a perfect way to create a sugary sweet look that looks every bit of fun and flirty and has all the girly and feminine feels to it. You can create this look by keeping your eyes as well as the lips all pink. Apply a sparkly pink eyeshadow to your lids and a light pink lip gloss over your lips to ace this makeup look. And believe us, with this choice of makeup look, you will be receiving a lot of compliments for sure.

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