If you are going on your honeymoon, this has to be your perfect trip, no matter what. Honeymoon trip comes only once in your life and that is why it should be the most memorable, perfect and something to talk about even when you are old. This trip should not leave any stone unturned and so, you should be as fun and stylish as you can think of. So, if your honeymoon destination is a place full of beaches, then you need to make sure that you carry the fanciest clothing, kickass shoes, stunning accessories to make sure that you look offbeat on this incredible journey to your dream destination. Since you are going to spend most of your time at the beach, so besides carrying skin and beauty essentials, you should make sure that you buy some beach outfits and accessories that will fulfill your diva goals.

A beach hat

Given that you are on a beach honeymoon, you would have to skip the regular and mainstream outfits that you wear every day. This beach vacation will not only make way for the diva in you but will also add a touch of glam to your overall looks. A beach Hat is definitely your first pick for the beach honeymoon vacation. This hat should be a wide brim hat and can either be fedora in a classy fabric or a straw or cane hat for raw feels. You should not forget to carry an SPF on the beach because it is also essential. This hat will not only make you look stylish but it will also protect you from direct sun exposure. You can also choose something with a cool note on it or something in bright colors so that you are noticeable from a distance.

Everything Strappy

The reason we have picked everything strappy here is that strappy dresses, tops, blouses are something that cannot be worn on a daily. So, if you are looking for something that will not only highlight your body features but will show off your skin a little in an elegant way, it would be this strappy design in different silhouettes. This strappy silhouette will make you look sexy on your beach vacation and that is what is the ultimate goal. Pick flowy maxis for the day and short strappy dresses for the night. You can either choose pastels or the good old timeless black for the ultimate flattering. These will save you for all the possible sightseeing that you go around on the beach.

Comfortable Flip-Flops

The best way to feel comfortable on any outdoor trip is to pick the right kinds of footwear for yourself. This footwear will take you places in and around your destination and will save you from getting any shoe bites. So, if you are going footwear shopping, pick the right size and heel height. But for a beach vacation, you don’t have to think much. A simple pair of flip-flops in the most vibrant colors is the best option. This footwear is one of the most comfortable styles in footwear and is already a part of your wardrobe. On a beach vacation, you will spend a whole lot of time on the streets walking around exploring the city life and beaches. So, you need to make sure that you have the right footwear so that your feet don’t suffer amidst this trip.

Beach cover

Another gorgeous piece for your beach honeymoon is this amazing beach cover. Also referred to as kaftans or ponchos, this beach cover will be the perfect overlayer for your bikinis and monokinis. If you are fond of such bold dressing but are too shy to show off your body, then this beach cover will give you the best of both worlds. It will help you show off your body while hiding it directly from all the eyes around you. Prefer picking the underneath bikini in the brightest of colors and pic this cover-up in transparent or white tone for the perfect looks. This is a smart way to cover up!

A pair of neon sunnies

Any beach vacation is incomplete without a pair of fancy and neon sunnies because it will highlight your look like nothing else. It is the best way to appear like a fashionista in the crowd, click stunning pictures and remember this trip for a lifetime. Funky sunnies in neon colors will be the best option every time you go out on the beach. Also, pick this one will save your eyes from the sun and also become your quintessential vacation accessory.

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