Ways to upcycle old clothes

Ways to upcycle old clothes

Do not be the person that throws their clothes after wearing them a couple of times because they cannot style them and do not want to repeat them. Or do not just throw a nice piece of cloth just because it is old or because you are bored of it. Not only is it bad for your pocket it is also bad for the environment. Instead, you can upcycle your old clothes and create something new with them that would provide them a new look and you a new and better piece of clothing. There are several ways you can upcycle a piece of cloth and make them better. To help you with the task, we present to you some of the ways you can convert your old clothes and upcycle them to use them.
1: Tie-dyeing old T-shirts

You can change the way your boring and simple t-shirt looks with the help of some tie-dye. There are several colors that you can use to tie-dye a T-shirt and you can select them depending on the color of the tee. This way not only do you change the look of the tee you make it is better with all the different colors. Tiedye is in trend and thus not only are you upcycling the old, dull tee but you are also making something trendy.
2: Create a dress shirt from an oversized shirt

If you have an oversized shirt that you cannot style and want to just throw away you can use that and convert it into something fashionable, you can use an oversized shirt and use it to make a nice dress shirt for yourself. You can alter the shirt and can make a few changes to it. A nice dress shirt is stylish and trendy and looks great. This is one way to use an oversized shirt and use to create something nice.
3: Stitching patches to old jeans

Old jeans are comfortable but they might lose a bit of their color because of the amount of time you have worn them. You can give your comfortable pair of jeans a new makeover and make them look vibrant and trendy. All you need are some patches of fabric that you like and stitch them up in a pattern on the jeans. This makes your jeans look stunning with the patches. Patchwork is trending nowadays and thus this would make a nice and fancy makeover for your jeans.
4: Headbands out of old t-shirts

If you have some t-shirt that is too old to use then you can upcycle them into something that you can use instead of wearing them. You can use the fabric of the t-shirt and cut them into some pieces. Then braid them and create a nice headband. Headbands are back in fashion and thus this upcycling would not only be using the tee but also creating something trendy that you can use and wear.
5: Creating shorts with pajamas

Sometimes the pajamas get short after washing or they wear out at the ends or get a stain or cut and you might have to throw your favorite pair of pajamas. Instead of throwing them you can use the nice part of the pajama and create shorts with it. You can also cut the end part and put elastic there to create some track pants with those pajamas. There are several ways to upcycle a pajama. The easiest one is cutting and creating a comfortable shorts to lounge in. this way you can wear your favorite pajama.

This is a great idea to make things last longer and to be good for the environment. Not just clothes, you can upcycle anything in the house and make them look better. There are more ideas that you can look for as to how you can upcycle your clothes and other things such as your accessories such as scarves, headbands, clips, necklaces and so much more. You can upcycle the things and make them into something new and style them up for you. When you are upcycling, be creative and innovative. This way you can get your ideas and work on them creating some unique and stunning fashionable items.

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