Spring is here and you should get started with picking up what to wear and how are you going to make your spring stylish and refreshing. With spring comes pleasant weather that needs to be celebrated and enjoyed. You can go out to the beach and enjoy sunbathing, you can go for a long drive, enjoy your walks in the park or you can go to a picnic. Picnics are soothing and relaxing where you get to spend some amazing time in nature, fresh air with food and drinks, and good company. Plan a picnic this coming spring and have a great time there.
If you are worried about what you should wear when you are going to the picnic, then we got you covered. Here are some of the outfit ideas that you can wear for a cute spring picnic.

1: A flowy dress

Picnics are a cute arrangement where you enjoy some time in nature and thus you should look for something comfortable and cute and what else is cuter than a flared dress. You can get a flared dress and pair it with some sneakers and you get yourself a cute casual picnic look. Picnics and flowy dresses would be an ideal cottagecore aesthetic. This is a cute and comfy dress to wear when going on a picnic.

2: Cute blouse and pants

Blouse and pants are another outfit option that you can wear when you are going out on a picnic. You can get a cute printed blouse with some cute pants. These pants are usually loose on the legs making the picnic a comfortable event for you where you can move around freely and enjoy the time. You can pair it up with some sneakers or flats and add some sunglasses or a hat to the outfit.

3: Pleated skirt with a cute top

Pleated skirts and plaid skirts are super trendy nowadays and what would be a better time to wear one that on a bright and pleasant spring day. You can wear a cute skirt with some crop top or a cute crop blouse. There are so many different types of cute tops that you can get to pair with a cute pleated skirt. Wear shoes or some sandals with them if you are going to a garden or park for a picnic.

4: A maxi dress

Another element of cottagecore is a maxi dress and a maxi dress would be a great choice when you are going on a spring picnic. During spring the weather is not hot like summer or cold as the winters thus making it ideal for the outfit. You can get a cute slip dress if you want to go dressy or a cute plain maxi dress for the event. This maxi dress could be body fitting or can be flowy. There are so many different types of maxi dresses that you select from for your picnic.

5: Wide flared jeans with a crop top

When you run out of options, jeans always come to the rescue. If you do want to wear a dress, or you do not have the dress for a picnic you can always wear jeans with a cute top. Here we are talking about the latest trend in jeans which is the wide flare jeans. These jeans are super cute and stylish and look good on everyone. they are flared and fit loose on the legs making you feel comfortable when you are at the picnic. You can pair it up with a cute crop top that matched the spring theme.

Look cute with these outfits this spring and enjoy your picnic. These are some of the outfits that not only look good but are also trendy so you would be styled in a chic and beautiful manner and would be up to date with the trends and fashion. Outfits depend on where you are going and what type of weather it is going to be or it is. Therefore check and plan accordingly. Check the weather report before getting ready for the picnic as a picnic is best enjoyed in pleasant, clear weather. Have a great time having a picnic in this pleasant weather looking cute and comfortable.

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