What All Triggers Your Acne: Knowing The Common Acne Triggers

What All Triggers Your Acne: Knowing The Common Acne Triggers

Acne is a skin ailment that occurs when oil and dirt get trap in the pores. The ones who are suffering from this skin condition know how pesky it is to welcome these tiny uninvited guests.
There are various treatments available to treat acne but by knowing the common triggers you can control your acne breakouts to a great extent. By knowing the common acne triggers you would be aware of what contributes to your acne and thus control it.
In the feed, we have compiled some of the major acne triggers. If you want to know what all trigger your acne, keep on reading!

Dirty Pillowcases

One of the least known factors that cause acne is dirty pillowcases. While we sleep with makeup on or without washing our face, the dirt and sweat deposits onto the pillowcases and thus cause skin conditions such as acne.
You should regularly wash your pillowcases so that they are clean and don’t cause acne. Prefer using silk pillowcases as the fabric is soft for your skin and will also not irritate your exciting acne.
So, now you know, dirty pillowcases can cause acne. So, make sure you clean them regularly.

Dirty Phone

You know what; not only using cell phones weaken your eyesight but also causes acne. Your phone is a breeding ground of germs and dust and when it comes in contact with your face it clogs your pores and leads to skin breaking out.
Whenever the phone screen comes in contact with the face, it accumulates all the oil, dirt, makeup, and sweat, and thus your cell phones become a hot bed of germs.
Here, is what you can do to prevent your cell phone from causing acne.
• Clean the screen regularly
• Prefer using headphones
• Hold it loosely and avoid bringing it too close to the face

Greasy Food

Oil is the major cause of acne and if you’re consuming more oily food, you’re providing an oily pond for the acne to dive in.
The more your skin secrets the oil the more it becomes prone to acne. That’s the reason acne is the most common skin condition that oily skin types face.
And, your skin is what you feed it with. So, if you’re consuming too much greasy food and are dealing with acne, you have to stop eating that greasy food instead consume a healthy diet.



Stress is also a major cause of acne. Too much stress induces the stress-related hormones which make the sebaceous glands to work excessively. And, when the sebaceous gland works excessively it means more oil production.
And, we all know what more oil secretion leads to. Thus, avoid taking too much stress and you will see a significant improvement in your skin condition.
• Meditate regularly
• Exercise every morning
• Feed your mind with healthy thoughts
• Lower your sugar consumption
So, these are a few things you can do to control your stress and eventually control acne.

Dirty Makeup Brushes

Each time we use makeup brushes and it accumulates dirt, oil, and sweat that cause acne. So, make sure you wash your makeup brushes after two applications. Never use dirty brushes onto the face and cover your brushes with a lid so that it remains clean.

So, these were the common acne triggers. Now, if you know what all causes acne or what’s causing acne in you, make sure you take the correct measures.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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