What Should Be There In Your Heels Collection

What Should Be There In Your Heels Collection

No matter how expensive heels we purchase, they can never be the comfortable footwear. We all deeply love our sneakers and sports shoes which makes our feet relax. If the need comes to be on our toes all day long they are our preference. However, they cannot match the elegance or the upper-class feel, which is added to an outfit with heels. So which beloved heels do you need to have in your shoe robe collection? Well, let us state those for you. Therefore, let’s begin. However, before we begin we would like to share that if you are someone who buys heels and not wears then, don’t invest in them. If someone is a beginner and has recently begun to have flatter by the heels then, you got to wear small two to three inches long heels. Don’t go beyond that, because your newly aroused feeling for heels will vanish in one day. So let’s finally begin.

Nude Heels

The heart of all heels collection is the nude heels. These have to get a place in your closet. They look superb with all the outfits you are planning on wearing. To be honest the nude heels are the new black heels. You will wonder black heels, from where? The colors are poles apart. For sure! Although do you remember the dialogue ‘black goes with everything’. Well, the recent fashion statement is ‘nude goes with everything.’ So you need to have the nude color heels matching to your skin tone. It will give you the elongated leg look, which you need if you have a short height. Else wise the nudes have been in trend. Don’t forget to consider the height of the heels.

Red Heels

Remember the days when you thought you are missing something in your outfit. Well, the missing part is the red heels. There are several shades of red. Which one you need to take, depends upon your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone then you can look for the warmer tone red. For the sake of example, a maroon red tone will be best suited for the cool skin tone as it has the dark element in it. Whereas, the shade candy or apple is more towards the bright tone so they will go well with the warm skin tone. Now, which skin tone you have can be judged using several tests, which you can try at home on your own. Add the red heels and you will be done accessorizing the outfit.

Statement Heels

The heels you will wear on the most special occasion of your life like you are turning 18 or 25 or the day of your wedding. Anything can be the statement heels for you. One thing the statement heels desires, they have to be longer and don’t try to forge the look with those platform heels. Ladies trust me it is a regrettable choice; don’t go for it. Take the pumps if you may but the platforms no. Another feature a statement heel should have is that it should have some glamour to it. Like it can have beadwork on it or it can have some metallic texture. Anything which will make it stand-out in your outfit.

High Heels

You may want to say that we are talking controversially here but ladies nothing like that. We would still say, take them only if you can wear otherwise don’t. However, coming to the importance of these. Remember the days when you feel for a guy who is taller to you, and he has asked you out. The dream comes true. Now, since you are a little petit, you will want something to match his height for your dinner date. So, slide in your sexy dress and wear medium size heels, which are making you look taller but since you are going to sit long and walk lesser you can manage a bit longer heels. For those days take one pair of high heels.

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