Thanksgiving is all about being thankful to the people around you whether it be family, friends, or even acquaintances, and tell them that you acknowledge their presence in your life and appreciate them. People have different ways of presenting how they are thankful for others. Some verbally tell others how they feel while some tell it through their actions. The most famous and common way of appreciating someone is by presenting a gift to them. A thoughtful, meaningful gift. The person who received the gift would be so delighted to receive a well thought, meaningful gift. If you want to present one to your family and are having difficulty in finding one, look at the list below to get some ideas as to what to gift your family this thanksgiving.


Cookie Jars

You can gift your family members a jar full of their favorite cookies. But that is a bit too mainstream. To give this cookie jar a twist you can create your own recipe and your own cookie jars. All you need to do is mix the dry ingredients and put them in the jar. You can decorate it by either writing down the recipe on a piece of paper and tying it to the jar or can use some stickers to represent the person that gift is for. This is a new creative way because here you get to spend some more time together with your family while baking the cookies and trying new recipes.  


Food baskets

What can one ask for more than a basket full of their favorite snacks and food items on a festival? Food baskets are a very practical gift you can present to your family. Get each member of your family a big basket full of snacks that they absolutely love. You can also give fruit baskets to the elderly in your family. If you want to lift the gift up a notch then instead of regular snacks get them some unique snacks that are famous during the festive season. Or you can even get the stuff that looks like food but is of different use like a pie shapes soap bar or chocolate-shaped earrings just to make the festive season fun.


T-shirts for Thanksgiving

If you are confused then clothing is that one thing you can always go for as a gift item but sometimes it gets a lot difficult to get the perfect clothing. You can opt for two options here. One can be that you go for the same t-shirt for everyone in your family. This can be a fun activity within the family as you can wear the t-shirts together after dinner and enjoy the rest of the night together as a family. The second option can be that you get t-shirts with some funny quotations and gift them to the one it reflects the most. You can always experiment and get what you feel is right for your family members.


Vibrant Cornucopia

Cornucopia is an extremely meaningful gift one can present to someone. They say it brings good luck and blessings. Cornucopia is basically a decorative element that contains plenty of decorative as well as edible items. This gift is always appreciated. You can decorate and fill this horn shapes ornament with several items say it be flowers, fruits, vegetables, or just some decoration elements to put it as an adornment. You can also fill this up with candies and chocolates and toys and gift it to the kids in the family.


Gift them some relaxation

Sometimes the festive season can be more of a stressful event than a relaxing one. People host dinners and events and this means no free time for themselves. You can gift your family or more likely the elders of your family some days to relax. For example, give them a spa day where they can relax and refresh themselves or while on the holidays volunteer to help with the daily chores like cleaning or cooking. 

You can always show your appreciation to people around you even without the festival or a certain specific day. This Thanksgiving, show gratitude to people around you and make sure to celebrate this festival with your family and friends, and enjoy the most of it. You can always experiment with the gift you want to give and gift what you feel is right for the person no matter how big or small the gift is.

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