Almost every single thing in life comes with an expiration date. And if you thought that this doesn’t stand true for your beauty tools, you had been living in a bubble all this while, and it’s time to burst it and accept the reality or what we may call, the truth. No matter how expensive your beauty tools are or how long it took you to find the perfect tools for yourself, there will always come the time when you will have to say your goodbye to all your beauty tools and replace them with newer ones every once in a while. The fact that you clear your beauty tools regularly and have them stored in the perfect environment is also not going to change the actuality that you need to get rid of all your beauty tools at some point.
Using your beauty tools for an extended period not only invites a lot of undesirable problems but it also somehow keep the makeup from looking flawless, which was never a problem earlier. Therefore, it’s imperative to discard your beauty tools in a timely manner and supersede them with newly bought ones.

Makeup sponge

A makeup sponge is almost every makeup junkie’s favorite tool. It allows the easy application of so many beauty products including foundation and concealer and also helps in making the application look flawless and dewy. However, makeup sponges tend to absorb excess products and collect bacteria on its surface, which makes it even more important to cleanse the sponge thoroughly once in a week. In addition to that, it’s crucial to discard the sponge every three months, especially when you use it regularly.


Not many people pay a lot of attention when it comes to their hairbrushes. As surprising as it may seem, but your hairbrushes also come with a shelf life, and after some point, they start inviting newer problems instead of dealing with the existing ones. Don’t wait for the bristles to fall out or your brush to break into two pieces; you should replace your brush as soon as it has served you for a good 6 months. Additionally, you should also wash your hairbrush twice every month to get rid of bacteria, dirt, or impurities settled between the bristles.

Eyelash curler

Much like any other beauty tool, it’s important to replace your eyelash curler every once in a while. The rubber cushion of these eyelash curlers starts to wear down over time, and using such a curler on your lashes won’t deliver the best results. Ideally, you should replace the eyelash curler every 3 to 6 months, and that completely depends on how often you use this tool.

Mascara wand

When it comes to your eye makeup products or tools, you should be extra careful while using them as they can easily transfer the bacteria into your eyes, which can result in eye infections. In addition to keeping the check on the expiry date of your mascara and discarding it once it has expired, you can also clean the wand using rubbing alcohol every once in a while to keep eye infections at bay.


Seeing tweezers on this list might be kind of shocking or surprising, but that’s how it is. Although tweezers can last you long enough when they are well taken care of, after some point, they also lose their ability to work like a charm. If you are having a hard time plucking your hair using your old tweezer or it has started to appear dull, take it as a sign that you need to discard it and purchase a new one instead. Additionally, you can extend the life of your tweezer by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol.

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