Where to apply perfume to make it last longer

Where to apply perfume to make it last longer

Bad body odor is something nobody likes to encounter. But owing to all the sweating and whole lot of mistakes that we do while applying a perfume can easily lead us to smell bad. Perfumes are usually applied after you have finished getting ready and are usually spritzed on certain areas of the body. However, the fragrance of the perfume stops working only after 2 hours of applying. Have you ever wondered, why your body stops smelling good even after spritzing layers and layers of perfume on your clothes as well as your body? If yes, then we may tell you there’s this one thing that you might be doing wrong and that can possibly be the only reason your perfume doesn’t last long. To hold the perfume on your body for a longer time, you would need to apply it to certain areas that you probably didn’t know about and may find them to be a very unusual spot to be applied on. But mind you, they are tried and tested and will definitely give you the desired result. Still not believe us? Try them and then decide for yourself.

Pulse points

The most common and known body area to apply your perfume on is the pulse points. Pulse points are the spot where blood vessels are closest to the skin. And the pulse points are the areas that emanate heat. The heat that rises from this area indirectly also emanates the perfume from your skin into the air. So apply your perfume to both the wrists, specifically on the pulse points and make sure you don’t rub the wrists together or else the perfume won’t work.


Fragrance holds the ability to latch onto the fibers very easily and which is why your locks are the perfect spot to spray your perfume on. Doing so will create a long-lasting effect and will also make your hair smell good for a long time. Perfumes also latch on to the hair products that are used to wash them, which further makes the scent last longer. Perfumes usually contain alcohol which holds the ability to dry the strands. And in order to avoid that from happening, mist the spray onto your comb/brush, then run the same through your hair.

Behind the ears

Applying the perfume behind your ears is another great way to make your perfume last longer. The pulse points that are present behind the ear lobes is an area where the body remains warm and emanates heat. Doing so will give you an immediate effect and it works amazingly well in case of nighttime perfumes. Using your fingers, dab a small amount of perfume behind your ears or you can simply choose to spray it behind the ears. You can also apply it on the top of your ear for an additional effect.

Behind the knees

Because of the constant movement of the body, especially the knee area, your knees start to generate heat in the process. And the heat that gets produced can be put to great use and that is to apply the perfume in that area. Spritzing the perfume behind the knees eventually makes the scent travel upwards as the day passes by. Again using your fingers dab a tiny amount of perfume behind the knees or spray it maintaining a distance of 5-7 inches.

Inside of the elbows

Applying perfume to your pulse points is the most effective and clever way to make your perfume work. And similar is in the case of the inside of the elbows. Much like your knees, your elbows also constantly keep moving and produce heat. For a maximizing effect, make sure your skin is well hydrated with good moisture and it will make your perfume lasts longer. Using your finger dab it inside of the elbows or you can spray it whilst maintaining a distance of 5-7 inches.

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