This is a new kind of aesthetic that is gaining popularity and is famous among the youth nowadays. There are new aesthetics now and then some new, some a mix of existing ones, and so on. This whimsigothic fashion aesthetic is a style that is a bit darker for cottage core but is not very dark and strong as gothic. It also has a touch of magic with the elements related to witches and magic. You can see a lot of inspiration from witchcraft in this style. This style has a lot of colors that can be used to style different outfits, from blues to dark shades of red and purple and some glitter and shimmer inspired by the stars and moons. Here is a list of a few items that you can style in this aesthetic.
1: Printed midi dresses

When you are styling for this aesthetic you can go with those stunning printed midi dresses. These dresses add to the magical vibe and look great on you. If you are someone who wants to have a more magical and witchcraft vibe, then you can go for a nice midi dress with some celestial prints on it. You can also go with some dark shades when selecting a midi dress to style in this aesthetic. You can even layer the dress with a cardigan or a sweater.
2: Flared dresses

Flared dresses themselves are a magical thing. They make you look stunning and magical and thus they are right to be here in this aesthetic. You can go for a nice and cute flared dress and style it in this aesthetic. These dresses provide you with a nice feminine touch and make you look beautiful. These dresses are also a part of cottage core and you can make them have an influence gothic with the color selection.
3: Corsets

Corsets are trendy and stunning. They are a great part of these kinds of aesthetics. You can use these corsets and create some amazing outfits with them and can also use them and add to the outfit to elevate the overall look. Layer a corset over a dress and see how great that looks. Layer it over a flared dress and you are good to go. They cinch the dress at your waist and then the dress flares below creating an alluring look. You can also wear a corset top with a skirt or any other cloth.
4: Platform pumps

Get yourself a nice pair of platform pumps if you are going to style yourself in a whimsigothic aesthetic. These add to the magical aura and also the gothic part of this aesthetic. You can pair these shoes with all different kinds of clothes in this aesthetic and they all would look great together. These add to the drama and aesthetic of this style and thus you need to get a good pair of platform pumps and platform boots if you are styling up in whimsigothic style.
5: Celestial accessories

It is nice to accessorize the look and enhance it. You can make the look dressier and better with the accessories. In this fashion aesthetic, you can add some cute and stunning celestial accessories on and elevate the whimsigothic look. These accessories can be body chains, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, and other different items. These accessories make the outfit better. You can look for all the different kinds of celestial jewelry and accessories that are available and how can you incorporate them into your outfits.

This aesthetic has a lot of textures and prints that make the whole aesthetic beautiful and ethereal. You can look for different kinds of elements that you can add to this aesthetic. This is the aesthetic that lies between the cottagecore and gothic style and thus influences both. You can go and look for ways to incorporate these two styles and also use the influence of witchcraft and other things to make new and better elements in the decor. Accessorize the look with some witchcraft-related accessories to make the whole look seem magical and surreal. There are so many accessories you can go for to complete the look.

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