Of all the skincare essentials that you own, sunscreen is the most important one and girls who wear this product daily would agree with us. It is an absolute essential and must-have product that helps your skin in so many amazing ways. Stepping out of your house during day time without wearing this product is a serious crime to commit, as you may not realize it, but you’re unintentionally putting your skin at so much risk. Skipping on sunscreen can result in some serious consequences such as dark spots, premature aging, uneven skin tone, and most importantly, it makes you more susceptible to developing deadly skin cancer. The harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun can be extremely harmful to your skin, therefore, its’ always recommended to wear sunscreen whenever you have to step out of your house during day time, regardless of whether it’s sunny or overcast.
And when it comes to buying sunscreen for yourself, it’s always suggested to get the one that comes with a minimum of 30 SPF value. And much like other skincare products, sunscreens are also evolving, earlier it was their formula that differentiated the product and now it’s the tint, which is making the headlines. Tinted-sunscreens are a real deal and it has become women’s favorite for all the right reasons. If you are wondering what those reasons are, read the article below and you’ll have the answer.

Adds a sheer tint to your face

One of the greatest advantages of having a tinted-sunscreen is its ability to add a sheer hint of color to the face. Having a product that not only protects your skin from the harsh sun rays but also gives it a sheer coverage is truly a blessing in disguise. The tint helps to enhance your skin complexion and gives it a very healthy and natural glow. A product that benefits your skin in two wonderful ways is always a great steal. Plus, it is perfect for those days, when you don’t have a lot of time to do your makeup elaboratively.

It can be used everywhere


Sunscreen keeps your skin protected from harmful sun rays and just because it’s a tinted sunscreen, it doesn’t mean you will have to stop at your face. Go ahead, and apply it all over your body including your arms, legs, and torso. This is an excellent alternative to your regular sunscreen when you want your body to look extra glowy. Slather it all over the preferred areas and it will instantly add that extra sheen and glow to your body.

This product can multi-task

Don’t fall for its name, this product is capable of doing things more than you can imagine. It is basically a multi-tasking product, which can easily work as a moisturizer as well as a light foundation. Although the coverage might not be as good as your foundation, it won’t be bad either to not go with a layer of a tinted-sunscreen alone. This single product can get three jobs done at a time; protecting your skin, moisturizing, and adding a sheer color to your face.

Most importantly, it keeps your skin protected

One of the best use you can get out of a tinted-sunscreen is its ability to protect your skin. It provides top-notch protection from the sun, which can be extremely damaging. The harsh UVA and UVB rays from the sun can penetrate deeper into your skin cells and destroy them, which can result in several skin woes. Therefore, you should always invest in a good-quality tinted sunscreen that will not only keep your skin protected but will also help it in other ways.

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