Just because winter has officially arrived doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on your style and fashion. There’s always an alternative and that easy alternative is to find such pieces that are not only trendy but will also save your butt from freezing in such frigid weather. While denim is always a smart and effective solution but it can easily start to get very basic and boring and that is when your wardrobe calls for a major upgrade in order to create some really fabulous and glamorous OOTD’s. For all the lazy girls who often struggle with finding the right pieces for themselves during winters, we are here to help you out. To give you some winter outfits inspiration, we have created a list of some pieces that will make sure you stay warm as well as look high on fashion.

Leather trench coat

Trench coats are those timeless and classic pieces that can never go out of fashion. Owing to their stylish looks and practicality, they are always on the top list of winter staples. While trench coats come in all different materials, but this year, it’s a leather trench coat that is the trend of the season. It can literally become your go-to layering piece for almost every outing because it not only looks very stylish but will also make sure you stay warm and cozy. Invest in a nice and sleek black trench coat and then layer it over your different outfits such as dresses, suits, denim, etc. Wear ankle boots with it to make sure your ensemble looks edgier.

Printed turtleneck

A printed turtleneck is another winter staple that every woman must have in their wardrobe. They are extremely versatile which can go year-round, regardless of the season. It comes extra handy during winters because the extra coverage it provides to your neck can help in keeping you all snuggly and cozy. It also makes you look slimmer and your bust fuller, giving your silhouette a very flattering appearance. However, some girls find wearing turtleneck pieces really daunting and that’s because of its body-hugging characteristic. But once you get used to the idea of wearing turtlenecks, you won’t miss a chance to wear it with every outfit of yours. You can pick some really beautiful and colorful prints to add some colors and texture to your outfit.

Puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are highly practical that keeps you all warm and cozy throughout the winter season. And for that reason, it can easily be found in almost every woman’s closet. For all the women who are yet to purchase this jacket, it’s time you own one as it will not only keep you warm and snuggly in this chilly weather but will also make sure you look incredibly stylish. No matter what you are wearing, you can layer this jacket with almost every piece of clothing like a pro.

Slogan sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are a go-to piece for almost every girl during winters. They are extremely easy going and comfortable to carry around when looking to create a casual, laid back and super chic look. You can easily team them up with shirts, denim jeans, joggers, skirts or anything you like. While plain sweatshirts look chic enough, but there’s an updated version of sweatshirts that are making their way into the market. We are talking about the sweatshirts that come with quirky slogans written on them. You can pick the one that reflects your personality as well as the mood.

Combat boots

Combat boots are one of the best kinds of boots to have in your winter boots collection. They look super edgy yet super stylish that can easily be paired with almost every winter outfit. Another great thing about them is they are super comfortable to carry and can also keep your feet warm and cozy throughout the day. Whether wearing them with a dress or pants and trousers, you can rock this pair like a pro.

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