Wonderful benefits of using a glass nail file

Wonderful benefits of using a glass nail file

Growing strong and healthy nails isn’t enough when it comes to making them look killer, there are so many things that need to be taken care of or considered in order to make your nails look beautiful. Apart from a good manicure and a trendy design, the tools used to maintain your nails also matter. It’s not just the manicure or designs that evolve, the tools also get evolved and are designed in a way that can prove to be more useful and practical than their counterparts. One such tool that is making headlines and is all the rage at the moment is a glass nail file. A glass nail file is like a god-sent product for those people who like to buff and shape their nails right at the comfort of their home.

Glass nail files have gained huge popularity and continue to gain popularity for all the right reasons. The best thing about a glass nail file is it’s incredibly easy to use, and it is also known to promote better health of nails. If you still are a bit skeptical about this tool, then make sure to go through the article below to find out how a glass nail file can benefit you. These wonderful benefits might change your mind.


Doesn’t cause peeling or chipping

It’s always recommended to file your nails in one direction in order to prevent peeling or chipping. Old habits die hard, and we all are guilty of filing our nails back and forth that leads to the shredding of keratin layers in the nails, which in turn, causes peeling or chipping. Changing old habits can take some time, and if you want to prevent peeling and chipping, then we would suggest switching to a glass nail file. As opposed to wooden nail files or buffing blocks, a glass nail file helps to lock the keratin in the nails regardless of the direction you are filing your nails in. Hence, a glass nail file is considered a suitable option to not only keep your nails healthy but to also avoid thinning nails.


Easy to disinfect


One of the best things about a glass nail file is it is super easy to disinfect, which isn’t the case with a metal nail file. In order to disinfect your glass nail file, you will need soap and some water. You can also use a gentle sponge to get rid of excess debris from the glass nail file. It is a super easy and simple sterilization technique to disinfect your glass nail file and ensure that all your at-home manicures remain free of infections.


Offers long-term use

Nail tools can wear out over time, but that’s not the case with a glass nail file. Glass file nails maintain the same shape and texture throughout their use, and that can be attributed to the use of chemically treated tempered pieces of glass. Don’t mistake a glass nail file to be fragile; they have a pretty dense structure, which is why they don’t wear out even after being used for an extended duration. Additionally, some glass nail files are sturdy enough that you might not even feel the need to replace them.


Hygienic to use

Emery boards are porous in nature; they can absorb moisture and bacteria over time, leaving them unhygienic. Glass nail files, on the other hand, are incredibly hygienic to use. You can spritz some disinfectant on the glass nail file each time before using it, additionally, a glass nail file doesn’t allow the accumulation of infection-causing bacteria on its surface or deep within, making it super hygienic to use.


It is much more efficient

Apart from being very gentle and smooth, a glass nail file is much more efficient than your typical nail files. Additionally, glass nail files are pretty smooth, which helps to get the job done a lot faster.

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