The benefits of milk are known to pretty much everyone; it is one of the greatest sources of essential nutrients that are crucial for physical as well as mental growth. Additionally, milk contains high level of calcium, and calcium is responsible for making our bones stronger, hence, it’s suggested to drink one glass of milk daily, no matter the age. While milk is most popularly known for its health benefits, it is capable of doing a lot more than that, including addressing several skin problems. Milk’s benefits aren’t just limited to helping you grow mentally and physically, but it can help with several skin issues as well. Some may know it already, raw milk is one of the best skincare ingredients, it can work absolute wonders for your skin. The topical application of raw milk helps to make your skin look healthy and glowing. The practice of applying raw milk to the face has been going on from ancient times, people used to apply raw milk to their face to achieve youthful and supple skin.

If we speak of today, in addition to using it in face packs, raw milk is also used as one of the core ingredients in several skincare products, and that can be attributed to milk’s moisturizing and nourishing properties. Instead of using products that are infused with milk, you can use raw milk at home to achieve the skin of your dreams.
We have jotted down a list of different ways to use raw milk for glowing skin.


Milk cleanser

Cleansing your face using raw milk can prove to be quite beneficial for the overall health of your skin. Raw milk does an amazing job of removing dirt from the face, and the best thing about it is raw milk doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead of making your skin feel dry, milk nourishes and moisturizes your skin further. Additionally, raw milk helps in getting rid of gunk and impurities settled deep inside the pores, thereby preventing clogged pores.


Milk toner

Believe it or not, milk works as an excellent toner, and it works incredibly well for all skin types, including oily skin. Using raw milk regularly helps in toning the facial muscles and also improves the skin’s elasticity. You can use raw milk as a toner in combination with rose water. You can either choose to leave it overnight, or you can wash it off with lukewarm water after some time.


Milk spot treatment

People dealing with acne and breakouts know the struggle of finding different ways to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Spot treatment is one of the most effective ways to heal and dry out a pimple. Spot treatments use different ingredients, and as surprising as it may sound, raw milk can be easily used as a spot treatment. Raw milk contains lactic acid, and this acid works effectively against acne-causing bacteria and helps to accelerate the healing process. Prepare a thick paste using milk and rice flour, apply it on the pimples with the help of a q-tip, and leave it overnight for best results.


De-tanning face mask

Like we mentioned before, milk contains lactic acid, and this acid can work as an exfoliator. Massaging raw milk gently on your face helps to slough away dead skin cells, which in turn, removes tanning and blemishes from the face. You can apply raw milk to your face in combination with tomato juice for effective and faster results.


Anti-aging milk mask

Applying raw milk topically to your face helps in making your skin look supple and youthful. Using it regularly helps to combat the signs of aging. You will need some yogurt and milk in order to prepare anti-aging milk mask. Apply the paste to your face and neck, after letting it sit for about 20 minutes; you can wash it off with cold water. This milk mask has too many anti-aging benefits to offer, therefore, you should definitely make it a part of your routine.

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