We have a love-hate relationship with the work-from-home phase. Some days, it can feel fun and comforting, and some days, it feels no less than punishment, granting it can get extremely boring staying at home all the time. In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become the new normal, and while most of us seem to have gotten used to this thing already, there are a few of us who are having a bit hard time coming to terms with work-from-home phase. Besides taking regular short breaks from work to keep yourself more alert, it’s also important that you wear the right outfits to keep your spirits up and make your day more productive. Your outfit has a certain amount of control over your mood and the way you feel. As much as we love to stay in our comfy pajamas all day long, they can make you feel a bit too lazy, which can hinder your work and make you feel less productive.
And when it comes to choosing the best outfits for your work-from-home phase, pick the pieces that are equal parts comfy and chic. Lucky for you, we happen to know of all the outfits that you might be needing right now, in order to make you feel more energized and productive.

Block heels/Mule/Flats

When it comes to your shoes, you don’t have to go all out and pick the most unusual pair that might feel too uncomfortable for your work-from-home outfit; you can stick to shoe styles that are more forgiving. Mules, block heels, and sleek flats are some of the best shoe styles to wear with your outfits, they perfectly complement almost every other outfit and help to amp up your look. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is completely unnecessary, especially when you are not bound to wear one.


Just because we are asking you to get out of your pajamas and wear something more presentable, it doesn’t mean you have to wear the most professional attire from your wardrobe. Trousers and suit pants are ideal for just occasional meetings or expert interviews, for the rest of the days, you can wear something more casual such as jeans or sweatpants. Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe; you can dress it up or dress it down according to the situation. And as far as sweatpants are concerned, you can just never go wrong with this article.


Your work from home outfits doesn’t have to be OTT. Comfort is the key, and it certainly cannot be acquired if you are wearing something that isn’t too comfy and feels too stiff or professional, such as a stiff, corporate blouse. Your collection of cool t-shirts is probably your safest bet. If you happen to own a good number of t-shirts, chances are you might never run out of jeans and t-shirt combinations.

Simple statement rings

One of the best ways to add some interesting elements and dash of style to your work-from-home outfit is by sporting a few simple statement rings. Your jewelry can make a lot of difference to your outfit. Not only it helps to elevate your outfit but it also makes you feel well-accessorized and put-together. Instead of wearing layered necklaces, which can get tangled way too easily, sport some statement rings that can easily be mixed and matched with all different outfits whilst also adding extra appeal to your look. You can choose to wear two to three statement rings, and we assure you, you will enjoy the sight of your adorned fingers making flashes of gold and silver while you type across the keyboard.

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