We spend so much time in our skincare; we forget that the other body parts do require the same tender love and care. Monsoons can take a huge toll on your body with flu and infections every other day but if there is anything that takes the strain of monsoon more, our feet! The rainwater filled with mud and bacteria can harm our feet in many ways.
It’s understood we can’t take care of our feet every day but once a week you can owe in taking care of your feet, right? That’s not much, we guess. So, if you really want your feet to stay healthy and soft this monsoon we have fetched for you the ideal care you should give to your feet. And, believe us it’s easy and simple.
Show your feet the attention and care by following these simple and effective ways. Keep Reading!

Switch To The Right Footwear

Monsoon time is more of wearing comfortable and durable than anything stylish, especially in the footwear. So, give your heels and ballerinas some rest and slide your feet in something more comfortable and sturdy. By moving towards the right pair you can actually show love for your feet.
Avoid using anything closed-toe shoes or even sneakers instead swap your footwear preference more towards rubber chappals as the closed shoes accrue more water. Trust us your feet will thank you for this! During monsoon, your feet seriously deserve a break from those fancy things. Therefore, invest in a good-quality durable option.

Regularly Trim Your Nails

If foot nails are kept longer during monsoon can be a huge draw for dirt, grime, and bacteria. So, whenever you’ll step out in rainy water your nails can accumulate all that dirt, grime, and bacteria. Hence, during monsoon, we would advise you to always trim your nails and in that way, the dirt and bacteria will not enter.

Clean Your Feet In Hot Water

When you return home always make sure you clean your feet. Or once a week give your feet a hot water dip. The hot water will increase circulation and reduce inflation. You can see how relaxed you’ll feel while taking hot water dip. Make sure the hot water is not too hot that it burns your feet.
Soaking your feet in hot water without adding anything extra in it will soothe your muscles, and hydrate your feet. So, once a week highly recommended!

Weekly Exfoliation

One thing you can’t dare to miss in your feet care is weekly exfoliation. A weekly exfoliation in monsoon is a must. You can use body scrubs to exfoliate your feet, body scrubs work really well in getting rid of accumulated dead skin on the surface of your heels.
Another great way to scrub your feet is to use a pumice stone. The skin around the heels can turn out to be very hard so regular exfoliating will help to soften the hard skin, hence, do try this out once a week and even if you do it daily it won’t do any harm.

Moisturize Your Feet

It’s very important you moisturize your feet regularly. Rainy water can dehydrate your feet so, it’s important you moisture them. Even if you’re not able to do it regularly we have a weekly hack for you. Once a week apply a thick layer of your body moisturizer and wear socks so that the moisture sinks into the deeper layer of the skin. Wear the socks for about 15 minutes and after that massage your feet gently.

So, that was a simple guide on how can you take care of your feet in monsoon. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help.

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