There are fashion trends that are coming and going. Every year during this time, we use to explore and run around the world. Summers were the time when we went on vacation. We got to build some new memories with our friends and family. Well, it is not happening now so we need not shop anything which we wouldn’t be wearing for the years to come. You might have noticed how every year we come across several trends. They are loved and get to the hike, which is why the price increases, and then the next year almost everyone has forgotten about them. Except for the ones who really spend their money on them. Therefore, you can look for basis dressing which all of you must be having but in case you don’t have then grab the opportunity of sale. Unfortunately, dress them in the years to come.

Boyfriend Blazers

Although we have been seeing a lot of these blazers around us lately, it is doubtful that they will last. The boyfriend blazers have gained some audience in the market over the years. Most of us own them but the traditional blazers cannot be compared to the loose fit of this blazer. It can be something which can make you look casually classy. However, there is a big question of them to be settling in the work environment. Besides we cannot forget the blazers that we own, they have cost us a great deal. We cannot just give up on them and buy these new trends. May be with years these will vanish and the traditional clothing will be what we will choose.

Summer shots

There are denim shorts which are running in trend for years. This trend is again not going anywhere for the years. However, the Bermuda shorts that we had are not a good investment. These have been the choice of many ladies for this summer. You might have even purchased these. But in the end, these may not come back next year. We will have other options different then what we have today. The trend is to wear these with a boyfriend blazer, which is again been perceived as a short-lived trend.

Higher Heels

Well, ladies, you might have had the habit of wearing the big three to four inches long heels but during this pandemic, you would have got much more comfortable in the flats you have been wearing at home. These are super trending and look extremely flattering while dressed up with formal attire. You can wear higher heels if you like but it is a great opportunity for you to get comfortable and wear lesser height heels. Heels look better than flats no matter what you decide to wear. The can not only make you look elongated but you can look dressier by changing a small accessory. You can go for the fancy flip flops if you like but investing in heels that have studs or some sort of embroidery over them will be rarely worn by you.


We can bet you on this that you have had tons of dresses in your closet and since we aren’t getting out much this year. It will be better for us to wear dresses which are preexisting and not spend any further on them. The dresses you could be wearing can be a wrap dress or tunic dress. The dresses which have come in trend this year is the doll dresses or oversized dresses. You can invest in them if you are looking for something comfortable to wear during your homestay. As these dresses aren’t meant to be worn outside, they are flowy and made up with breathable material which is what we want but still. These are not what we are supposed to be investing in, as it will last just a few days with us and then it will be gone.

Basics have been and will be your wardrobe essential. They are a certain specific type of clothing that is to be worn by you. There are basics for summers, spring, winter, and autumn. The basics are never in neutral shades only. They are many colors and patterns as well. Some people feel that the basics are all about solids but they is more to it than the solids and the neutral tones. They are like the soul of your wardrobe. If you have them you can style any outfit. Well, if you don’t believe us then let’s share the ideas using which you can make your basics look better.

White Tee

We all have white in our home. Now the tee comes in two styles one is a round neck and another is V neck. If you are a cup A or B then you can wear the round neck tee. These will give some volume up there making you look chic. Now, for the cup sizes other than that you can always go for the V necks. Since the breasts are bigger covering them from top to bottom will highlight more. The eyes are drawn towards the fabric, but if you wear a V neck the fabric will not cover them whole there will be some visible skin. This will bring lesser attention. Besides, a white tee looks cool when styled with gold-tone accessories. You can also wear a thick gold belt with a neckpiece and a golden bracelet. Therefore, you can wear your white tee with something in gold.

White Collar Shirt

Another white example coming in basics is a white collar shirt. You can have the collared shirt in any color you like it’s just an example of styling the shirt. Never wear your shirt button to the top. Wear it two or maybe three buttons down. So you can wear your shirt in several ways. So you can wear it open while dressing a plain tank under. If it’s white then you can go for various colors. Besides you can wear some other colored shirt above a white tank. You can also wear a plain shirt and tie the front tails into a knot. Don’t forget to accessories your look. You can wear a detailed shirt and tuck it. The details can be any pattern or different color buttons.

Linen Blouse

Having a linen blouse is something essential for summers. You can wear a linen blouse which has patterns or, it can be plain. But we have such a huge range of options when it comes to blouse for summers. There are wrap style blouse, the peplum style blouse. You can have a plain detailed work blouse. The breathable options are many in the linen blouse. You can wear a net and a cotton mix blouse. Besides you can wear them with a skirt or trousers. If the length of the blouse is long then you can tuck it in the lower. It is a great option to look a little dressier, while you are going for a comfortable summer dressing.

Light Washed Denims

We have light washed denim at our home. Don’t go for the skinny light wash jeans. They were in trend but we are going to our old style. The stiff jeans don’t have elastane in it. It was way better and gave a nice shape to the body. The loose trend is back in the run. You can get yourself a boot cut or normal straight cut jeans. It isn’t necessary to have the boot cut of straight jeans only you can have shorts or denim skirts. Skirts are back in trend actually they are the exceptional pieces to be going out of trend. You can style these with boots or the chunky platforms heels. The flip flops are always the summer trend. You can style all the above-mentioned options with your light wash lowers. Carry a sling and not the clutch with this outfit.

Basics are the key elements of your wardrobe. If you have ever hired a wardrobe stylist; they would suggest you get the basics for your wardrobe. The quality is the key. Since basics are timeless pieces, they will stay forever with you. If you happen to be wondering what are these basics that we have been talking about so far then, you can refer to the other articles like essential articles of clothing or essentials of your wardrobe. You can have basics for each season and you will feel how much sorted is your everyday dressing. Whatever you pick to be dressed in, if you have basics then you can choose to wear any top you will be able to find a perfect matching lower for it. It can help in another way around So let’s inspire you more towards the basics and make them look dressier.
The basics we will be discussing will be about summer only.

White Pants

You might have seen white pants trending during summer for the past few years. Well, these are a pretty elegant piece of clothing. You can be afraid of buying them in the first place as you need to wash them every time you wear them. You may find yourself more conscious on the days you wear white pants. It isn’t bad to be conscious of what’s happening around you. A lady always learns quickly about her surroundings. Besides all these, a summer is incomplete without white pants. You can throw in any color with it and you will look chic and welcoming, as it is a color of peace. You can also wear white heels with this to make your legs look elongated. Style it with some chic jewels and you will be amazed what a white pant did for you.


You may have many regular blouses, they can be work-appropriate or casual, depending upon where you work. It is important to have a not so simple and not to fancy blouse for the summer. You can wear this to some small events or if you are going on a date night then you can dress up in these with a skirt or denim. The details that can make your top look fancy but not over the board are like puff sleeves, buttons, or texture in the clothing. There can be a minute detailing using lace and other types of fabric. This can be a cool look if you are thinking or looking dressier for any special occasion or you are just in a mood of looking flawless. This will highlight you and your outfit in a positive way.


Skirts are vital for summers. You cannot have them any lesser in your closet. There are so many fabulous patterns and types of skirts that you can wear during the summers. Each body type has a specific skirt style made for them. The exception in the types of skirts for the summer trends is the pencil skirt. Until you are heading towards the office you shouldn’t wear these. We all know and have experienced the heat of summers. So, rather than restricting our body in a piece of clothing, we need more flowy and breathable materials for summer. You can have a cotton skirt make sure that they aren’t see-through.

Midi Dresses

The essentials are the midi dresses. You can wear it with a jean jacket or some dainty danglers. A midi dress is something that can be elegant and fun to wear. Firstly you feel less bothered about your skin is visible and you will feel free to walk around the street in these. You can wear a belt on them. It isn’t important to have them with sleeves. You can wear a straps midi dress. No matter what is the color of your dress, you can always wear your nude heels with it, and don’t forget to add-on accessories.

Many women consider the French-style is related to Parisian women. Well, France is more than Paris. There are so many other beautiful cities that have so much to offer, either it is the cultural enlightenment, or nature, or flavor. Therefore, rather than just talking about what’s trending in Paris, today we will discuss what’s trending in France. So let’s talk about this in detail and try to inculcate those things in the way we have been dressing. It will be fun to explore and if you didn’t like it then you can always go back to where you were. On an honest note, we really believe that these ideas will inspire you to be more flawless than you are.

Something That You Like

There are various types of clothing and styles if we get to explore. However, we love one or maybe two fashion pieces in the whole variety. These pieces define you. They speak to you directly and whenever, you go out shopping these speak loud and clear that they are your cup of tea. So invest in these pieces, not only you will reach out to wear them frequently. You will feel satisfied and complete getting dressed in them. Most importantly you will feel comfortable, which is something that we don’t find easily in this era. So try to understand what you like and observe what you reach out for the most when you are heading out.

Basic Timeless Pieces

When we talk about the basis we already know how important they are to dress up or down our everyday clothing. So what has been observed about France, in general, is women there really celebrate the trend of basis. Women there have been dressing in these basic from the age of twenty till their aged self. Try some of the scarves or other accessories like a hat to make a normal casual outfit look like something trendy and beautiful the womanly essence of a lady. You must already know what basics a woman should have. Even if you don’t know then you can always refer to other articles that can help you gain the knowledge of this styling. Basics are usually the neutral colors tee and the denim or pants, depending upon what you wear most. The office basics are certainly different from the casual basics. Learn about them, and then see the difference in your dressing.

Quality Clothing

Now, we all know that clothing can come cheap or it can be expensive. Sometimes when the luck turns out to be in our favor, our non-expensive clothing purchase turns out to last for years. However, when we purchase quality then we are focusing on the fabric which will last us years and we will always appreciate taking the decision of buying these in the first place. So you need to purchase the things that increase the value of your hard-earned money. It shouldn’t be cheap and not much expensive. You can save your money and invest in an expensive basic piece that will help you dress up gracefully. You will be less worried about it losing it shine over time and look fabulous on your for years to come.


French women really practice the art of less is more; they always try to keep their clothing in the basic. The reason why you find their basics to be attractive is that they actually accessorize their basics differently every time. You need not follow the models to know what’s trending in France. You need to see for yourself the posts of women living in France. How they have been dressing up. You will always learn something and you will see how a similar basic piece is worn up variably different just by making some small changes in the accessories. You can have a beautiful necklace, bracelets, or scarves. They will bring a diversion in your outfit that people will admire.

No matter how expensive heels we purchase, they can never be the comfortable footwear. We all deeply love our sneakers and sports shoes which makes our feet relax. If the need comes to be on our toes all day long they are our preference. However, they cannot match the elegance or the upper-class feel, which is added to an outfit with heels. So which beloved heels do you need to have in your shoe robe collection? Well, let us state those for you. Therefore, let’s begin. However, before we begin we would like to share that if you are someone who buys heels and not wears then, don’t invest in them. If someone is a beginner and has recently begun to have flatter by the heels then, you got to wear small two to three inches long heels. Don’t go beyond that, because your newly aroused feeling for heels will vanish in one day. So let’s finally begin.

Nude Heels

The heart of all heels collection is the nude heels. These have to get a place in your closet. They look superb with all the outfits you are planning on wearing. To be honest the nude heels are the new black heels. You will wonder black heels, from where? The colors are poles apart. For sure! Although do you remember the dialogue ‘black goes with everything’. Well, the recent fashion statement is ‘nude goes with everything.’ So you need to have the nude color heels matching to your skin tone. It will give you the elongated leg look, which you need if you have a short height. Else wise the nudes have been in trend. Don’t forget to consider the height of the heels.

Red Heels

Remember the days when you thought you are missing something in your outfit. Well, the missing part is the red heels. There are several shades of red. Which one you need to take, depends upon your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone then you can look for the warmer tone red. For the sake of example, a maroon red tone will be best suited for the cool skin tone as it has the dark element in it. Whereas, the shade candy or apple is more towards the bright tone so they will go well with the warm skin tone. Now, which skin tone you have can be judged using several tests, which you can try at home on your own. Add the red heels and you will be done accessorizing the outfit.

Statement Heels

The heels you will wear on the most special occasion of your life like you are turning 18 or 25 or the day of your wedding. Anything can be the statement heels for you. One thing the statement heels desires, they have to be longer and don’t try to forge the look with those platform heels. Ladies trust me it is a regrettable choice; don’t go for it. Take the pumps if you may but the platforms no. Another feature a statement heel should have is that it should have some glamour to it. Like it can have beadwork on it or it can have some metallic texture. Anything which will make it stand-out in your outfit.

High Heels

You may want to say that we are talking controversially here but ladies nothing like that. We would still say, take them only if you can wear otherwise don’t. However, coming to the importance of these. Remember the days when you feel for a guy who is taller to you, and he has asked you out. The dream comes true. Now, since you are a little petit, you will want something to match his height for your dinner date. So, slide in your sexy dress and wear medium size heels, which are making you look taller but since you are going to sit long and walk lesser you can manage a bit longer heels. For those days take one pair of high heels.

There are tons of styles that we can follow each summer. They come and they go despite we spend the money on them regretting later to have taken that decision in the first place. So, we are here to stop you from making those regrettable decisions and give you some sane options that will make you crave less for shopping. All in all, we will share the ways of remaining stylish and remain in the budget. So, aren’t you excited to save some money and get the trending outfits for your closet? So let’s get started.

Doll Dresses

The doll dresses are everywhere this summer. Most of the fashion models have been seen dressing in these super cute dresses. But thinking about its utility; don’t you wonder these are rather short-lived? The chunky fabric dress which has drawstrings look cute but if we come to styling these how often you think you can pull this dress of your closet. Even if once this year and then next year it will be a silly dress because people will forget about it. Then this expensive dress will sit in the back of your closet until you make your mind to give it up. As it is a casual dress you can wear it to meet friends or maybe if you took a silk or satin piece then you can wear it to your friend’s birthday party.

Matching Outfits

These days people have been practicing matching outfits to their friends, family even with their dogs. Well, it does look cute to style in matching outfits where you are wearing similar tone clothing as your partner. But how much do you think you will be dressing in these outfits. To be honest just once and after you are done with your photoshoot you will probably not touch these outfits again. The trend-setting for you can be to wear something in the neutral tone with no messages or prints on it. This will make that piece a valuable one and you will dress in it often. Since it is in a neutral tone you will wear it more often as you will be able to style it with other clothing in your closet.

Low Rise Jeans

The next transforming trend that we can see this year is the low cut in skirts, denim, trousers, etc. Well, it can be a good way of styling for you if you heavy hips area. If your booty isn’t in shape then you cannot rock this cut. Therefore, sticky to the good old high rise or even mid-rise can be the option you would like to experiment with. The low rise gives you nice curves around the back and if you are wearing more flowy pieces than you will notice is laying flat around this area, which doesn’t look good. So, you can go for this trend if you feel confidant otherwise I would suggest you keep these trends at an arm’s length.

Short-Lived Fashions

Each year brings its out story to us. This year we have been presented the loose boyfriend’s blazers and vest for formal as well as casual dressing. But do you think they will survive for long? Well, I am not so sure about the blazers but pretty sure that the vest will remain less preferred? There are reasons, vests are more relatable to masculine attire. Besides, if we are wearing the long lose blazers then we are already undermining the womanly curves we have. Now, if by chance we prefer to wear these with summer dress then it’s already too hot to add layers to the body. Besides, you will need to look for appropriate outfits that would flatter your vest. We know the latest outfits are costly and on top of that, you need to look for matching wearable. Who would like to do that? In short, don’t go for the short-lived trends.

There are lots of jeans out there. We all love to wear these and style them for various casual occasions, but at the same time, it can be confusing. Today we have such a huge variety of jeans that we can simply not make out which jeans to pick and which to avoid. Well, we are here to make your life simpler by suggesting a few jeans that will look great on you. These are some basics types of jeans a woman ought to possess. So let’s casually get dressing with our jeans collection.

Solid White Jeans

Having single pure white jeans in your wardrobe makes you appear someone who is responsible. Since it is an extremely high maintenance jean, not everyone can wear it. If you are someone who slips water or always has the issue of spilling your food over their clothes then you need to avoid these jeans or start regularly dressing in them. The reason to style them daily is when a person is wearing white jeans they are somewhere more aware of themselves. They are cautiously making effort to not spilling something or sit in an untidy area, which reflects in your personality as someone who is elegant and sophisticated. It makes you look bright fresh and clean. Therefore, it is a staple item for your closet.

Distressed Jeans

Having distressed jeans doesn’t mean that you are styling it in a full-on rap manner. It is pretty high rises distressed denim and styles it with a tee and layer it with cotton open shirt. This can a cool look but to make it into a boho look, you need to carry this look in a funky manner because it cannot be carried out as a serious outfit. You can have the distressed jeans in a lighter blue tone as we know that the fabric of the distressed jeans has the threads which are light blue in color. Wearing a darker tone brings a lot more focus on the distressed part of the jeans. Play it save by choosing a lighter shade.

High-rise Flared Jeans

Having high rise jeans isn’t more of staple jeans to have but it is ideal for today’s time. Now, these are the jeans which can suit all body type even when you have heavy booty these jeans can give you the lift and the flared at the bottom makes it relaxing for you to walk. Since these jeans have come back in trend you might have them before; however, if you don’t have them then, investing in these could prove helpful. Checking a high rise is extremely important not all girls have the same height and not every girl has two halves. So if you have a bigger torso then you need to check that the high rise is hitting on the right stop. People who are short can wear mid-rise and they will look at high rise jeans on them. Having denim flared jeans in not so dark blue shade can be done or if you have a heavy body then going for solids can be done.

Blue Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were a part of denim style for a long, long time, with the changing time the blue skinny jeans have been replaced by the straight leg jeans of the mom jeans. However, it is stapled denim that you need, because of its versatile nature you can pull skinny jeans with tank tops or blouse. It isn’t like you need to have a thin waist in order to wear them. You can dress them up and down as per your comfort. Having them in mid-rise or high rise is your choice. Plus it is only the skinny jeans that look best with the high boots. Others create the bulge which isn’t a good look at all.

There are many ways in which you can style in a blue denim jacket. This jacket can really make a pretty funky casual look. Now, to get this look you need to have some basics and a blue jacket. Denim jackets aren’t something to be worn during the summers because it is somewhat heavy material but these are ideal for the before fall and springtime. When you feel isn’t too chilly outside and a denim layer can protect you from cold. What, what can be done to style a perfectly chic denim jacket with the preexisting clothing? So let’s begin styling.

Grey tee

If you have a classic blue denim jacket then you obviously wonder a way to style it with black jeans. Most of the time when you are wearing a denim jacket you have to wear it with matching blue denim. However, to pair your blue jacket with black paints you need to wear a grey top and you will see this combination working well together. The grey color looks good with the black pants as well as work well with the blue jacket. Lastly, you will need to wear black vans or flats in your toes. You can wear loops in your earring and wear your leather strap watch with it. It is a perfect outfit for fall.

Dark Blue Jeans

Wearing a denim jacket with blue dark denim is easy. You can wear a light or dark shade with it. All works well with dark blue denim. For the top styling, you can wear a white top over it the denim jacket. It is a super chic look for causal work outside. You can wear it to your office for the casual day dress up and to accessories this look you can wear a small choker around the neck. Now, depending upon the place you are dressing this outfit for you can wear vans or sneakers with this outfit. There can be nude vans or white sneakers that can go along this outfit.

Baby Pink Shirt

If you have a baby pink tee than you can do this combo as well, however, the more stylish outfit will be to have a baby pink shirt. So to style this outfit you can match the shades of your denim and denim jacket. It will look way cooler or you can opt for a dark and a light shade combo. Suppose you are wearing a dark wash jean with a lighter shade denim jacket. Now, the extra thing that you need to do here is to fold your denim sleeves and rollover your shirt sleeves over it. This will add the baby pink touch to the sleeves as well, making it all come out in symmetry. Talking more about the jeans, you can wear boot cut jeans with this look. It can be cropped from the bottom or a straight leg cropped jeans can be your look as well.


Wearing a hood with a denim jacket is a pretty good combo for a boho look. Now, if your hood is cropped then you can style it with high waist jeans or you can wear shorts. Anything high waist will look good with a cropped hood. However, a high waist A-line skirt will be something you can style during the fall. As it isn’t quite chilly and you can put on layers on the legs. You can wear the knee-high bootie with this look to make it more elegant and fall appropriate. You can work in a similar combo hear. Like if you are wearing blue denim with a black hood then wear the dusky pink skirt will add the color to the outfit. It is more of a summer color however, it looks pretty good during the autumn season.

Most of the time we have to face the unplanned events in life sometimes choosing your day outfit can be tricky and can take forever to plan what to put on. So we are here to help you style for these unplanned casual events in life with the help of simple tricks. You can just pull in these clothes off your closet and dress up in them. Without elaborating anymore; let’s begin the looks for the casual outing.

White Tee

Style your white tee in the following manner for your go-to look. What you need is wear your denim jeans with the white tee and dress some sneakers on your toes. This can be your easy go-to look at the time of the day or night. It’s a pretty comfy outfit. Now, for winters or even for summers you can layer this dress with a kimono. However, for summers you can pull up a long cardigan on top of it. Secondly, you can wear plain white sneakers if you like or the metallic star ones can work gracefully with this casual dress up. You can wear a non-chucky bracelet in one hand and wear your watch in another. Lastly, if you are into rings then you can wear them as well.

Matching Pant Suit

Wear your basis camisole and top it with your matching suit. It can be a fairly good outfit for your coffee meeting or drinks plans with friends. It can be something that you can wear to the office. If you have a plain pantsuit then you can definitely wear it to the office. However, if there are patterns on it then it becomes a more casual hangout suit. If your office allows semi-formal dress up then yon wear it in a subtle manner, by not accessorizing much. Talking about accessories you can wear a watch with it and a pretty necklace it shouldn’t be anything bold because it is a patterned dress. You can wear a sleek chain and pair some nude heels for the toes.

Animal Print

Animal prints are universal and they look great with anything you wear. Let’s talk about the most popular animal print the leopard print. I am pretty sure there is rarely a woman out there who doesn’t have leopard or let’s say any animal print in their closet. I personally have them all; leopard, zebra, snakeskin, etc, etc. You can literally just wear a black jean and thrown on a black jacket with this print and observe the magic happening. If you aren’t feeling cold then you can skip the jacket and wear your black boots with it. Take a black sling to wear some good jewels in your hand like the gold bracelet and rings in both hands. You can wear a necklace if instead of wearing a bracelet you want to wear a watch, go ahead. See leopard is again a powerful print and you cannot wear anything just like that with it.

Bows Blouse

The next in line is the bow blouse. If you have a bow blouse in your wardrobe that too which is full sleeves then you need not add any accessories with it. You can simply wear your legging or jeans with them. It is a simple look that you can carry out for various life situations like you can wear it to a friend’s birthday party if you wear some makeup along with it. Secondly, you can wear full sleeves blouse will be an elegant office outfit. You can wear it for shopping or to drinks to meet with friends. To style this look you need to wear your heels and if you aren’t much into accessioning then you can totally skip it. Else you can wear your regular watch or bracelet and throw some small earrings along.

Spring dressing is the most fun part of the year you get to wear everything in this season. The mixed weather sometimes cold sometimes warm can obviously make you can fall sick if you don’t take care of yourself. So today we will be discussing with you a few such spring season ideas that will protect you from this weather while you will be able to maintain your style. So let’s begin the styling tips for the spring outfits you can wear this year or other years as well because these are going to be some evergreen pieces that will last you years. Let’s get to the outfit number one for this year.


Wearing maxi skirts in the spring can be both fun and chic, these form of dressing can be done by both types of women who have a bulky figure or who have a flat figure. You can pair your maxi skirt with an oversize pullover. Choose the color combinations you want. If you get a white maxi skirt then you can pull up any color with it, like red, beige, green, blue, etc. Going for beige can give you a dull look so make sure you choose a bright spring color pullover. To accessories this look, pull-up your sleeves and tuck in the sweater. Now, wear some nice gold tone jewels on your hand. It will extraordinary if your handbag hardware is in a similar color.

Puffy Sleeves

Wearing a blouse that has puffy sleeves with a relaxed fit pant can be your look for the spring. It can look amazing if you have the two in the same tone. Like if you wear mustard pants with a pale yellow blouse. The two colors belong to the yellow color family. Similarly, you can wear greens and red choosing different shades of the color. If you like to tone it with white then it can be done as well. You can most easily locate a puffy sleeves blouse in white and you can pair it with topaz pants. This color is white with a hint of grey in it. To accessories the look you can wear white heels or nudes heels. It will make the look put together. If you can wear a similar metal accessory and handbag, the look will be over the top.

Bows Blouse

Wearing a monochromatic look with a bow on your pants or the blouse can look chic. You can wear a black sheer blouse and style it with your black pants. You can carry your accessories in the black tone as well. Just add a hit of glamour with red lipstick. Can you imagine yourself in this look? Aren’t you looking stunning? Well, if you don’t trust me wear this look and judge it for yourself. Wear silver jewels with black or gold as you like; carry a structured black purse with the matching accessories hardware. The small details aren’t neglected when you are wearing a monochromatic look thus make sure they are in a similar tone.


A floral print jumpsuit is another must-have spring piece. Wearing patterns can be tricky; since all patterns are not meant for each body type. If you have a rectangular or square figure then you need to wear big bold prints. And if you are a pear shape or apple shape then wearing tiny prints will bring less focus to your physic. You can really trick the eye in many forms possible. Just learn your body types and dress according to the suggested clothes for your body type. To accessories the look you can pull up golden or sliver tone jewels depending upon the pattern you are wearing. Wearing lots of jewels with a pattern cannot be right. So, try wearing the solid leather strap watch and nude pumps for the toes with it.