Makeup is used to enhance your features and to be creative with the colors and designs. It helps you to be expressive. You can use and create classic looks, and creative looks, depending on the event and your mood. Just like fashion, things, and styles get trending and famous in makeup and beauty as well. You can be experimental when it comes to makeup and try different looks on yourself. There are so many different trends that are going on right now such as glossy lips, glossy eyeshadows, graphic liners, soft girl makeup and so much more. One of the trends is colored liners. Colored liners enhance the whole eye makeup and provide your look with a new hue. They provide drama to the look and help you look fashionable.


1: Red Eyeliner

Red eyeliner is in trend right now. A lot of influencers and models adorn this stunning color. The red color gives a rich and dramatic vibe to the look. If you are looking for a way to make your look extra and vibrant then you can use red eyeliner instead of the classic black one. You can wear this liner when you are looking for a different and vibrant look. Spring and summer are the ideal seasons to try this stunning look.

Red Eyeliner

2: Blue Eyeliner

Just like the one stated above, this is also a nice, vibrant shade that you can use to create a cute or dramatic look. With the trend of graphic liners, you can create a beautiful and modern look with this pretty color. The blue color looks good on all kinds of eye colors and makes the eye color pop. You can use this color as your go-to color as well. This looks good during the day and can also be used during the night when going out for a party.

Blue Eyeliner

3: Neon Eyeliners

Are you looking for a color to create a party look or a funky and unique look, then you can go for some neon eyeliners. These eyeliners are super nice and pigmented. These are the colors that are usually used in graphic liners which create some unique and stunning looks. You can use these liners when you are going to a party or when you want to enhance and create a stunning modern look. Neon colors look great as a liner.

Neon Eyeliners

4: Metallic Eyeliners

Make your eyes shine with these metallic eyeliners. They are super chic and stylish and provide you with a nice look. Metallic liners can be used when you are dressing up for a party or an event. You can get different shades in metallic liners such as classic gold, silver, and copper, or the shades like metallic blue, green, red, etc. there is a huge variety of colors that you can select from when choosing a metallic shade. You can create a modern and shimmery look with these metallic liners and can make your eye makeup better.

Metallic Eyeliners

5: White Eyeliner

White eyeliners are in fashion. You can either use this liner as it is or can use another liner to create a dual-liner look. There are so many ways you can use this liner and elevate the eye look. You can use it to make a winged liner or any other style or can use it to make a graphic liner. White liner brings out the color of your eye making them look brighter and better. This is a nice change from the old black eyeliner. This makes them look fashionable and chic. Try using a white liner instead of the black one.



Say goodbye to the classic black eyeliner when you can use different colored ones. You can match it according to the occasion, your outfit, the look, your mood, and all the different reasons. The color of your eyes pops and looks bright when you put a certain color on the liner. Get to try different colors and know what colors suits you the best. There is a huge variety of colored eyeliners for you to try out. Create some stunning looks with these colored liners and elevate your eye makeup with them.


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