Everyone wants to have long and silky hair that is smooth and shiny. No one would want to have dry or frizzy hair that is difficult to style and tame, that gets tangled or that can lack the shine needed and make the hair look rough. There are so many ways you can enhance the look of your hair and make them better. You can include some chemicals in your hair care routine such as creams, serums, and other things or you can go for some ingredients that you can find in your house and use them to get lustrous hair. These ingredients have no negative effect on your hair and make your hair smooth and silky. Look at the advantages they have and why would they make your hair better.


1: Aloe Vera

The timeless, versatile ingredient that can be seen in all kinds of hair care, and skin care lists, is Aloe vera. This has enzymes that help in repairing hair and scalp cells that would in turn help in hair growth and elevates their healthy. This would provide enough nutrients to the hair that would make them healthy and long, also keeping them moisturized and thus no more rough hair. You can make a hair spray, hair mask, and pack for your hair.

Aloe Vera

2: Onion Juice

Onion juice is a great ingredient to use when you are looking for something that would be great for your hair and that would not only reduce hair fall but also promotes hair growth. This juice is packed with tons of nutrients that would help in the growth and regrowth of hair such as vitamin c, folic acid, biotin, and many more. Not only does it provides stronger hair, but it also makes them shiny. You just need to apply the onion juice to your hair for a few minutes before hair wash. You can add essential oil to curb the smell of onion.

Onion Juice

3: Hot Oil Massage

Nothing can beat a nice hair massage. Get your hair oil, try to use coconut or olive, heat them to a comfortable temperature, and use them to massage your hair. Apply it to all your hair and also your scalp. Give your scalp a good massage for a few minutes as it would make blood circulation a lot better and helps stimulate hair follicles which would then help in hair growth. Oil helps in growth and also makes your hair strong. They make the strands moisturized and soft.

Hot Oil Massage

4: Egg

The egg is a great source of protein and this protein is needed by your hair to get shiny and strong. You can add eggs to your diet for healthy hair. To get results faster, you can use this egg as an ingredient in your hair mask and apply it to your hair. An egg hair mask makes your hair smooth and shiny and provides nourishment to your hair thus helping reduce the damage. This makes your hair strong and beautiful. Use these hair masks often to see results.


5: Apple Cider Vinegar

You do not have to create a mask or spray with this one. You just need to use it after you have washed your hair. Add one tablespoon of this vinegar into a cup of water and pour it over your hair after you have conditioned them. Do not pour any water after this step. apple cider vinegar removes all the oil, dirt, or excess buildup from the strands and makes them shiny and soft. They look super healthy after this wash. Try this 4-5 times a month.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Now you know what ingredients can you take from your kitchen and house and use for the betterment of your hair. This will make your hair look healthy and long. You can take care of your hair with these ingredients and make different kinds of packs and apply it to your hair to make them better. There are so many ways you can use these and add them to your hair care routines. You should look into what type of hair you have and then get to the ingredients. Oil your rough hair regularly to make them shiny and to make your scalp get better blood circulation for stronger hair thus making your hair longer and thicker.

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