Best Skin-Friendly Foods For New Year Feast

Best Skin-Friendly Foods For New Year Feast

Best Skin-Friendly Foods For New Year Feast

The new year brings new zeal and new motivation to become the best version of oneself. There is always a freshness to look forward to when the new year is approaching. Likewise, we also get the right ground for making our dreams possible with a fresh start backed by a fresh idea. What would be better than taking care of yourself when you are feeling your best self? Are you preparing for the big family feast on the 1st of January? Let us make a healthy and fulfilling feast for our beautiful skin to stay glowy through the festive season.

Have a look at some special and meaningful foods to include in the New Year feast.


  1. Grilled Feasty Fish

Grilled fish is a sweet-savory delicacy to go with on the eve of the new year. It is a refreshing treat that is easy to prep and is also enriched with nutrients. The dish will help you feel satisfied with its interesting dose of flavors. It can be prepared in huge batches and is super healthy for all types of eaters. Fish is the bringer of abundance!

Grilled Feasty Fish

  1. Fluffy White Rice With Lentils

Rice is abundant with nutritional factors and is often made into comfort foods. Considered the symbol of fertility, fluffy rice goes well with a luscious combination of lentils that bring good luck to us for the coming new year. It is bliss to eat such a wholesome dish and start one’s new year. It will take some time and consume a lot of your seasonings!

Fluffy White Rice With Lentils

  1. Stuffed cabbage or Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage is considered to be the harbinger of Wealth to us. So if you are wishing for the same from 2023 to bless you with, you should try to get hold of healthy cabbage leaves and cook it variously with other vegetables to create soft rolls in gravy. It is a simple dish but very satisfying in taste and texture which is why this can be part of your feast.

Stuffed cabbage or Cabbage Rolls

  1. Black-Eyed Beans Salad

This particular lentil in combination with other greens and cornbread is together seen as a symbol of wealth and overall prosperity since it is a holistic dish of many superior ingredients. It is healthy and feels light kind of dish. It is rich in good factors and is loved by all. It is made with other salad dressings and raw vegetables. You will love this healthy mix!

Black-Eyed Beans Salad

  1. Grapey Sweet Potatoes

Grapes are seen as the markers of good luck. This ingredient is often used to make delicious sweet treats. The best idea if you are looking is to go with baked mashed sweet potatoes drizzled with some honey, mascarpone cheese, and crunch red plump grapes. It is a great way to include sweet and savory in one healthy package. You will surely appreciate the creative bounties of the New Year feast.

Grapey Sweet Potatoes

One of the best ways to start your New Year is by sticking to your new affirmations and topping the list of wants should be taking the best care of yourself and being conscious about your choices. The excitement born out of preparations for the New Year is enough to make everyone jolly and this is why you should always do your feast in the best way because you are only about to start your journey of the new year. Let all the positivity hug you deeply! Let your body be thankful for your healthy habits and your mind be happy with the adorable festivities happening around you.

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