Just when the new decade is here, each one of us must take a resolution to induce better eating habits, better lifestyle and better skin goals. For this, we need to put in efforts and make sure that a strict skincare regime is adhered to. Amidst all this, we need to attend some parlor sessions too because those sessions help us in regaining the lost glow. If you think you are ready for it, we have some really amazing beauty treatments that might be trendy in the upcoming year. Have a look and choose your favorite one according to needs!

A lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage has gained a lot of popularity in recent times mainly because of its after-effects. It has proven to be of ultra benefit and has made sure that your skin feels supple, smooth and younger-looking just after one wonderful session. A form of gentle massage that is initiated to induce the working of lymph fluids in the body, this one has proven to be of ultimate benefit. If you are wondering why would you go for this one and not a regular massage, then the answer is that this one has tenfold benefits and can be spotted in the skin in just one session. This massage session helps in removing toxins from the body that cause dullness, blackheads, and whiteheads. But with a lymphatic massage, say hello to flawless skin again!

Laser Hair Removal

This trend is not even a piece of news. It is the most popular beauty treatment of all time. If you are tired of unusual hair growth on your face and neck, then this treatment will help you lose all of them permanently. Can’t even call it a trend because it has literally become a way of life now! For some women, it has become impossible to do without this one because it has so many benefits. It is pain-free, relaxing as well as the most convenient and quick way to get roid os unusual hair. With increasing popularity, the procedure is becoming more and more prominent and people are actually becoming aware that it is the most mainstream thing to do. You can have this one tried out in this new year.

Dip Powder Nails

If you love to go for frequent manicure sessions, nail extensions or nail art, then this is your ultimate rescue. Dip powder nails are no news when it comes to trends. They have gained so much popularity in recent times because it is the most convenient thing to do. If you’ve never gotten a dip powder manicure, now is the time! The polish procedure of this dip powder is done to prolong the life of your nails as well as nail art. This means that any kind of polish or nail art applied on the nails will last for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Regular nail polish lasts for about a week and then starts to chap. But this one will go for a long time. Such a wonderful invention no? You should definitely give this one a try because it is a mixture of gel and acrylic. It will look super gorgeous!

Brow Lamination

Just like you must have heard of lash extensions, brow lamination has come into the picture. Brow lamination, as the name suggests, is a beauty treatment for all those women who have thin or very light-colored brows. This is because eyebrows play a major role in the beauty of our face and that is why they should look fuller and darker. If you don’t have naturally pigmented brows, you must go for a brow lamination session. This is definitely going to be the next big thing in 2020. It is less invasive than micro-blading and thus, will be a great pick for your sensitive skin. The procedure is simple- brows are brushed smoothly and lifted into the desired shape. Then a setting lotion is applied to help them stay set for up to six weeks!

Spray Tans

As the name suggests, tanned skin is the new thing of the era! This method is the best pick for all those who want their bodies to look naturally tanned. If you have extremely fair skin, then you must be craving for tanned skin already. If that is the case, then this spray tan treatment will help you get that natural tan. Spray tans are the new way to get that shiny bronzed skin, so clearly there is literally a lot that you can do in 2020. Go for a spray tan and begin with these beauty trends.

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