Coordinate Your Hairstyle And Outfit For A Perfect Pair

Coordinate Your Hairstyle And Outfit

Coordinate Your Hairstyle And Outfit For A Perfect Pair

People involved in fashion and style are indeed aware of the importance of coordinating your hairstyle with your outfit. How you do your hair is a very subtle and impactful way to enhance your overall look. There should be harmony between your hairstyle and attire to create a more polished look and put-together appearance. But to do that, it is essential to be able to differentiate between the trending styles and your hair type. In this article, we will focus on exploring different hairstyles that go with different types of outfits. 

5 Different Hairstyles To Complement Different Clothing Styles

1. When To Keep Your Hair Down 

Coordinate Your Hairstyle When To Keep Your Hair Down 

Keeping your hair down can have many implications and meanings. You can have your hair down and style it in many different ways. For example, if you are wearing a casual outfit, keeping your hair down with its natural texture is a great way to look relaxed and chic at the same time. In case you are wearing formal attire, keeping your hair sleek would be better, but if you are out for an outing, you can play with the original texture of your hair. For short hair, it is better to keep your hair as neat as possible and add drama to it only when needed.

2. Hairstyles For High-Necked Dresses 

Hairstyles For High-Necked Dresses 


If you have a high neckline, you need to keep your hair even higher. Dresses with high necklines, such as turtlenecks, halter styles, etc., require visibility, so instead of covering up your neck, an updo will support these styles more clearly. Updo hairstyles have some really sophisticated and neat styles like a sleek twisted bun, topknot, sleek high ponytail, etc. These styles are usually to be worn with grace and confidence, and so the dress needs to be equally compromising to the whole scenario. For more casual attire, you can make a quick messy bun or ponytail; this will keep you looking comfortable. 

3. What Hair For Office

What Hair For Office

It is preferred that you keep neat and clear hair for formal occasions and office meetings. But if you wish to explore more fun hairstyles apart from a sleek ponytail or to keep your hair down, you can try a sleek bun, braids like French and Dutch, etc., to keep the look conservative and comfortable. Otherwise, if you have curly hair, you can either keep your hair as it is or make a low pony or a braid, whatever suits your taste. 

4. Dramatic Dress Or Hair 

Dramatic Dress Or Hair 

With a dramatic dress, you should keep your hair simple, but with a simple dress, you can actually do a lot with your hair. The volume of your dress is also an essential factor in determining the balance of your look. In case the dress has more volume, then you can keep your hair simple, such as straight, light waves, etc, but with a simple dress, you can go for some dramatic curls and add accessories to your hair. 

5. Half Up Or Clipped 

Half Up Or Clipped 

Adding accessories to your hairstyle will give it more attention to it. Wearing an eye-catching yet subtle and elegant addition to your hair, such as pearled hair clips or bows, will enhance your overall look. Further, you can also do a half pony or bun, which looks fun and chic. A half-up or half-clipped hairstyle can be very comfortable and easy to make. Such hairstyles go well with boat neck, cowl neck, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, square and strapless, etc necklines. 

Bottom Line 

Choosing the right hairstyle is as important as choosing an outfit for an occasion. You must have your outfit and hair in harmony. Such looks where the outfits and hairstyles do not match are called ‘mess’ by the stylist. So, even if you are creating a mess of your own, make it beautiful and appropriate for your style. 

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