Cozy Layers To Enhance Your Winter Style


Cozy Layers To Enhance Your Winter Style

Winter is approaching, and it is the time when people start adding layers to their clothes. This is done to keep them warm and away from the cold breeze outside. But sometimes, winter clothes can make us look sluggish or dull. Thanks to fashion getting a more creative edge, people, especially young women, have started to understand the basics of layering. Not just to keep warm but also to keep themselves stylish. The layering basics will be the perfect foundation for your winter wardrobe, where you can use classic pieces with a twist like a pro. Layers are of three types, which are base, mid, and outer, and a great attire is a mixture of all. To understand more about layers and winters, continue reading.

Ways To Enhance Your Style With Layers This Winter

1. Block The Winter Wind With The Turtleneck

Winter Style with Turtleneck Turtlenecks are very famous and widely used. Such type of layer is essential in winter as it covers most of your shoulder and neck and keeps it warm. You can pair such tops with jeans or wide-legged pants. The outer layers, such as long wool coats or blazers, can be added for further details and warmth. Apart from being used in casual wear, such tops and dresses are used in official business wear as well. 

2. Sweaters, Blazers, And Jackets Are Important

Sweaters, Blazers And Jackets Winter Style A part of the mid-layer is your sweaters, blazers, and jackets, which are used when it is still warm. For this layer, you can choose synthetic or wool knit sweaters/blended blazers and leather-based jackets. These clothes are essential because when you remove your outermost layer, they remain in your body. So the decision as to what to choose should depend on your lifestyle.

3. A Stylish Winter Coat

Stylish Winter Coat Another piece you ought to have is a winter coat. You can own an essential yet warm jacket, which can be either a puffy coat or a wool-blend long coat. For regular wear, a long, puffy coat would be a better choice, and for essential occasions, you can go for wool-blend coats. This layer is the outermost layer of any of your outfits. You will also need to consider the climate of the area, so the choice of this layer should be made after thoroughly considering how low the temperature can go.

4. Boots Are More Important

Boots To navigate through the icy conditions, you will need good boots, such as an insulated one, to keep your feet warm. Also, consider that the boots are water resistant, made of material like fleece, and have traction or extra grip with rubber soles so that slipping on the ice is out of the question. Provided that you need your boots for everyday wear, you can choose mid-height boots, and in case you need coverage from snow, taller shafts will be more helpful.

Tip – When you buy boots for yourself, make sure that you leave extra space for toe warmers or thick socks so that your feet will not end up feeling cramped and cold.

5. Accessorize Your Outfits With Another Layer

cozy scarf When it is too cold for you to bear, you can put on a cozy scarf, winter caps, beanie, or gloves. These details added to your look will only refine it if you choose the right combination wisely. These things will keep you warm and add personal style to your winter outfit. Considering a versatile piece for a scarf that can be wrapped in different ways can protect the exposed areas and add a touch to the whole look.



Every layer you add, when it’s winter, is to keep the cold out and warmth in. But with so much layering, we end up making ourselves look very regular and maybe dull as well. Layering is a very creative concept that can make the whole outfit look very refined and polished, even with the least effort. The base, mid, and outer layers together can help you form a great outfit; you just need to be aware of what to wear with which one. Colors and patterns look excellent in scarves, as they give the whole look your personalized touch as a signature.

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