Elements to add to the wardrobe to have a simple summer

Elements to add to the wardrobe to have a simple summer

The summer season is also a nice season where you get to dress up and go around and enjoy some nice festivals and events. There are times when you want to style up and go to an event and there are times when you want to dress simple yet elegant. Simple style does not mean you to dress casually. It means you want to wear some comfortable clothes that would look great on you and that would make you look chic and elegant. If you are inclined towards neutrals and light shades and if you do not like wearing neons and prints and patterns then you can go with the chic and simple style this summer. Go get some cotton clothes that are comfy and stylish. They add to the minimal outlook.
1: Cotton pleated pants

If you want to have a simple and nice summer where you can be cozy and comfortable and can move around freely then you should get yourself nice pleated pants. These pants are simple and comfortable and make you look chic. You can pair them with tank top crop tops or button-down shirts to create a nice and airy summer look. Get some in neutral colors if you want to make a simple and light minimal look this summer.
2: Buttondown vest

Vests are back in fashion and are trending right now. They look great and make you look sleek and fashionable. You can get a few vests and style them up with some pants, trousers or skirts. There are several ways you can style a buttondown vest. You can wear it alone with pants or can layer it over a shirt. You can also wear one over a dress. Get some nice vests and create a nice outfit with them.
3: Shirt dress

Shirt dresses are cute and chic. They are not just fashionable but also comfortable. You can get a proper shirt dress or can convert an oversized button-down into a shirt dress. To cinch the waist you can use a belt and pair it with sandals. There are several events and places where you can style up a shirt dress and look stunning. You can pair them with boots also. Accessorize the look with minimal jewelry and get going.
4: Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are the answer when you are in doubt about what you should wear. There are several kinds of maxi dresses that you can shop for yourself. If you are looking for ways to spend a minimal style summer then you need to look for linen maxi dresses or silk ones. You need to look for the ones that have the least amount of prints, better than none, and also select the right kind of color scheme to go with the theme. Pair these dresses with nice sandals and heels.
5: Satin top

Satin tops are stylish and sleek. You can get some nice satin tops for the summer and dress up for events and parties. These tops are great clothing that you need to add to your wardrobe to have a simple and sleek summer. You can wear them with pants, pleated skirts, leather trousers, shorts, and other things. They work well with everything. Accessorize the look a bit and also pair the outfit with nice pair of footwear. You can go for some slip-on sandals or heels to complete the look and have a sleek and simple summer.

These are some of the elements that you can add to the wardrobe and have a nice and simple summer this year. There are a lot of other options that you can go for. Styling in a minimal way is stylish and in trend. Fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk, are some of the materials that you can select your clothes in and get ready for the season. It is not compulsory to wear bright colors or to have prints and patterns on your clothes in this season. It is okay to wear warmer tones and lighter colors. Wear what you are comfortable and confident in. There are so many other elements that you can get for yourself.

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