Furbish Your Dressing with the Pencil Fit Skirts

Furbish Your Dressing with the Pencil Fit Skirts

Pencil fit skirts are always considered as formal wear. However, you can wear this skirt down if you style it with some casual outfits. Although most of us try to style this skirt formally, so today we will be focusing on helping both genre people. One who likes to dress it down a bit and the one’s to like the traditional usage of the pencil skirt. On that note; let’s just style the outfits that are going to make you look prettier and give you a sense of dressing the pencil skirt in versatile ways.

Button-down Shirt

Wearing a button-down shirt with a pencil skirt can be done by most of the individuals. It is one of the known common ways of dressing an outfit. So what special are we going to discuss this form of dressing? Well, there is a twist. You need to pair these with a contrasting color and not the same color or shade and the twist is that instead of tucking the button shirt, tie it in a bow on the thinner part of your body. You can style it for the office if your office has more of a casual formal look, or if you have worn this shirt to the office and you need to head out for drinks with friends then you can pull this look to be settled in the environment vibe.

Block Pattern Skirt

Next, we are talking about prints in the skirt. Although we don’t get to have many prints with these if you happen to have a block or check pattern pencil skirt then you can pull this look nice and easy. Make sure you wear plain tops on this skirt because we don’t want to confuse the eye with patterns all over. This can be a chic look and definitely one of the traditional manners of wearing a pencil skirt. If you find the block print in black or white or black or beige then this can be another positive point because you can style a white button shirt or any blouse with this sort of arrangement. It can be turned into something non-professional if you style a tee on top of it.

Blazer and Tee

To wear this setting you can play by two sets of rules. First, you can play a little juvenile if you wear a graphic tee inside and wear a blazer on top. Or you can wear a pair with a collar neck tee and a blazer. If you chose the first look then it can be appropriate for the days when you are a fresher in and organization because it gives that sort of vibe. However, the second look with a solid round neck tee will make you look professional. This can be comforting as well as a stylish outfit. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will need a tee that is not having a deep neck. You can choose to wear a similar color blazer as your skirt or mix and match the contrast. For example, if you have a baby pink skirt you can wear a white tee and pull on a magenta blazer over it.

Blouse with a Blazer

This is a pretty serious business professional look. You cannot turn it down anyhow, but it is a perfect outfit for many formal situations. Like if you have a presentation at the office where you will be in the limelight then this can your serious professional look. In case you are heading out to meet any of your important clients then you can wear it. If somehow you have to go to court for various business meetings then this can be the outfit to be dressed up. You can take off your blazer and be in the blouse and skirt while you are sitting in your office. Make sure that the blouse neck is decent and not skin visible.

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