The world is really changing every single day. Firstly the rule of official working space, then the development of men working under lady boss. The super formal dressing to the office and now the trend is to be comfy and casual with the office look. I mean I kind of like the formal dressing way, but having some casual, sweet working outfits really adds on to all the charm in the world. Aren’t you just bored of having the same formal black pants to the office; we need something casual, something stylish, it’s the need of the hour. However, we are not dealing with non-appropriate work clothing, it will be comfy just a little artistic.

T-Shirt and Skirt

Getting a formal skirt means going for a tight fit skirt, this will highlight every inch of your body. Working with flared skirts with a normal t-shirt will definitely give us a work-appropriate casual dress. You can move your legs a little not like they are just stuck in there all day long. However, the length needs to work-appropriate anything above the knee is not ethical for a workspace. You need to show how serious you are for the job. This skirt can even convert to a party skirt if you pull out some glam heels and sling.

Drape Blouse and Tailored Pants

There is a big difference between the machine-made cloth and tailored cloth. Machinery does work nicely and in a tidy manner. Yet the tailored one is the one which has been cut by the professional and sowed together by them. Sowing makes all the difference, a tailor sowed paints have much better stitching than the machine one. Get yourself one of these in bold bright colors so you can make it fun. There are various brands that sell tailored pants. When a flared pant is paired with a draped blouse, you get a classy elegant look. This can be the look for the days when you need to represent your thoughts in public.


Jumpsuits are really neglected when it comes to formal dressing. They are considered the most casual dress one can wear. To transform the casual jumpsuit look into formal, you can pair it with a collar blouse. The collars around the neck make all the difference. They give you a chic playful office casual look. Try it on and trust me you will love to wear it once every week to your office or most probably twice in a month is a for sure.


Having a dress that has two separate pieces and can be paired together is fun. Again these are mostly tailored pieces and not machinery. Tailors know how to sew the cloth variously to make it look more representable and functional. Otherwise these days we can easily find a top and a skirt in a similar fabric on most of the online stores. If you have a friend who is in designing then ask them to get you one such dress. This pattern is used to get the optimal usage of cloth but it’s really beneficial for consumers. We get so much. Don’t stress too much about getting such a dress, if you find some solid neutral wrap dress then, they are the prettiest thing for work.

Versatile Jackets and Pants

Jackets have been a part of the work culture for centuries. We cannot avoid them now or in the future as well. Getting a strip pattern jacket has been commonly done by working staff for long. This has really converted this pattern into a forever green style. Getting a jacket in this print becomes ideal for everyone. If you work with neutral like ivory shade then you will be able to get the look and preserve it for long. Colors are fun for casual dressing as well. So if you are someone who gets bored with clothes or doesn’t like jackets much then investing in colorful ones will be right for you.

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