Haircut to suit your face cut

Haircut to suit your face cut

It is important to select the right haircut that flatters your face. There are numerous haircuts and different haircuts that suit different face cuts. It is important to know your face cut and to know what kind of haircut will look great on you so that you can get the prettiest look with the new haircut. Trends are not for everyone and therefore before just after any trend try to look at the fact that the trending cut would look good or not on your hair. Instead of going with the latest trends, you can always go with the classic good options that would enhance your features more and make you look stunning.

Here is a list of different face cuts and what type of haircut suits each face.

1: Rectangle face

If you have a rectangular face then you need to look for haircuts that do not elongate your face. If you go with some long styles without the right type of styling, that might give an illusion of a longer face and would not look good. You should look for some styles that enhance your cheekbones and jaw and at the same time covers the corners of your face. You can go with a soft layered cut that will elevate your cheekbones and enhance your facial features, waves, and curls that will provide volume to your hair and make your face look rounder.

2: Oval face

An oval face has the most balanced look and if you have an oval face you get to experiment with lots of different styles and cuts. Most of the haircut suits this face shape and help in enhancing the facial features. If you want short hair and want to look chic and stylish then you can go for a bob cut, blunt one, or the one with some layers and waves to add volume. On the other hand, if you like long hair then you can go for some layers or can have some waves and curls.

3: Heart face

A heart-shaped face means a broader forehead than the rest of the face. The jawline is narrower than the forehead creating a heart shape and thus the name. For this face cut, it is important to have a haircut that will enhance the jaws and the lower part of the face rather than the forehead. Avoid getting those hair cut where it makes your forehead look broader. You should go for some layers that create volume towards the lower part of the face. You can also go for curls and waves. Try to avoid bangs and short haircuts that might make your forehead look broader.

4: Triangle face

Here the face resembles a triangle such as that the jaw is on the broader side than the forehead creating a triangular shape. In this face cut, you need to focus on balancing out your face and making your jaw look less broad. This can be achieved by focusing on the forehead and balancing your face. You can get some bangs that can shape your faces such as curtain bangs, or layers that just go by your cheekbones, pixie cut, bob cut, and others. Try to avoid long bangs that might make your jaw look broader.

5: Diamond face

Diamond face as the name says has broader cheekbones than the rest of the face. Here the cheekbones are the prominent feature and thus you need to make sure to get a haircut that makes the face feels balanced out. Usually, here the haircuts that suit the face type would be some soft and subtle layers to balance the sharp cheekbones. you can go for a side parting and also go for a short bob cut.

You now know what to get when you are going to the salon next time. You can tell your stylist the type of haircut you want that will enhance your facial features and make you look more beautiful. This helps in getting a better and tidy appearance which in turn makes you feel more confident and comfortable with yourself. You can experiment and look if other styles look good on you or not. Color your hair, express yourself with your hair, haircut, hair color, and be yourself. Enjoy trying new styles and experimenting with your hair.

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