Whether it’s summer or winter, lip balm is one of such beauty products that we always keep handy at all times. Although it is most often used during winters to treat dry and chapped lips, there’s no stopping us from using it during summer as well, after all, who doesn’t like to keep their lips all hydrated and moisturized. Much like the rest of our face, the skin on our lips is extremely thin and delicate and needs to be looked after with utmost care. It especially suffers a lot during winter, as the drop in temperature makes your lips to become dry and chapped. And that is when our trusty lip balm or other means of moisturizing your lips come into the picture.
All this while, we have heard endless myths surrounding our skin and hair, with absolutely no truth to them, and if that weren’t enough, the myths surrounding lip care are also here that need to be debunked right away. It’s extremely important to feed your brain with the right information, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. And you absolutely cannot take your chance with lips, as nobody likes to deal with dry and chapped lips. Listed below are a few myths surrounding lip care that are anything but true and how you need to stop believing them now!!

Licking your lips will naturally heal them

This is one thing that we all must be guilty of doing on more than just one occasion. Our lips tend to get dry very quickly during winters, and to make up for that dryness, we often lick our lips to keep them hydrated. Sounds like an easy way to deal with this problem right? However, it is one of the worst things you could be doing to your lips. When you lick your kips, it may make them feel a bit easy and better for some time, but the saliva that’s sitting on your lips can be a major problem here, as it is known to contain certain acids, which can evaporate very quickly and also leaves your lips dehydrated in the process. Therefore, always use your lip balm containing nourishing oils or moisturizing ingredients to get rid of dryness.

Your lips don’t need sun protection

Your lips are very much part of your skin, and given the fact that they contain very less amount melanin makes things a bit more serious. Your lips are very much susceptible to sun damage, even more than the rest of your skin. The natural pigment of your lips helps in filtering the harmful UV rays, which is why they need to be protected at all costs. Therefore, when you look for a lip balm, always pick the one that contains SPF, and it will keep your lips protected from the sun damage.

Lipsticks are a great alternative to lip balms


Although the current lipsticks already come infused with several nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which definitely makes things a lot easier, that doesn’t mean you no longer will need your trusty lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. These conventional lipsticks don’t contain the same nourishing ingredients as your lip balm does. Therefore, always stick to your trusty lip balms to moisturize your lips.

Children don’t need to take care of their lips

When it comes to a child, there’s a major difference between using makeup products and skincare products that are actually essential. While it’s completely fine to prevent children from using makeup products, taking care of their lips is quite important, since they are much more susceptible to dryness. Therefore, instead of using a lip balm, you can use something gentle and natural like vaseline petroleum jelly to curb the dryness.

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